V2 Pro Series 9 Vaporizer Release Date, Review, Price

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V2 Pro Series 9 Vaporizer Release Date, Review and Price: V2 have gained worldwide recognition as the largest online sellers of E cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes). They have spread their tentacles across most parts of the world and they are not stopping there.

V2 sell all varieties of electronic Cigarettes you can think of; be it Minis or Vaporizers.

The V2 Pro series is an entirely unique brand which shows more focus on high quality vaporizers. The V2 is made remarkable because of its versatility and flexibility.

The Series is christened “The 3 in 1 vape pen”. It is given this name because of its ability to inhale e-liquids, waxes/oils and also dry herbs

The V2 Pro Series 9 Vaporizer Review

The V2 pro series 9 like its predecessors possesses state of the art features and functions plus a lot more.

v2 pro series 9 kit review

It expands upon the technology of the new series 7x, but it doesn’t just stop there. This remarkable device also includes a variety of features that makes it an item that Vapers just have to get.

It is capable of vaporizing a variety of different mediums, including dry herbs, and wax concentrates.  It also gives you a whole lot of flexibility with how you want to vape, and allows you to customize the voltage and temperature to your liking.

Let’s start the V2 Pro Series9 Vaporizer review! For now the pro series 9 comes with a limited number of colors: Charcoal or crimson, however, they are expected to release more color options in the future.

The pro series 9 kit comes with:

  • One series 9 vaporizer
  • A USB charger
  • Cartridges
  • A wall adapter
  • And also a user’s manual

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The Pros Of V2 Pro Series 9 Vaporizer

  • It possesses an advanced screen.
  • Its controls are more precise.
  • It has maximum capacity.

The Cons

As expected, it is far more expensive than its predecessors. However given the facts that It provides more feature price is worth. If we compare it with other competitor then we can easily find that It is reliable.

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The V2 Pro Series 9 Release Date

v2 pro series 9 vaporizer release date

If you are vape lover then you should be aware about upcoming vaporizer, vape pens and other gears. V2 is the brand that regularly add more and more product to increase inventory and give you more option. Most talked V2 vaporizer is Series 9 which is going to be launched soon.

The Release date of V2 Pro Series 9 is fixed and as per the official site It will hit the market on Nov-Dec 2017 and available for Pre-order.  They will start the shipping from April 2018 onward.

It features a unique mouthpiece that gives you perfection while vaping. Also, it has a touch screen app, and it is compatible with Bluetooth, so you don’t have to go through stress when you wish to change the voltage, temperature and air flow.

The charger is also completely magnetic and it features an extended battery life to keep you vaping longer.

The cartridges of the pro series 9 are a lot bigger than that of its series 7 predecessor.

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It is highly advanced and it can heat any type of medium to the optimal vaping temperature. The increased size of the cartridges allows you to enjoy more of your favorite products without having to refill all the time.

Price Of V2 Pro Series 9

As expected the v2 pro series 9 vaporizer does not come cheap. The V2 Pro Series 9 vaporizer price is going to be $209.99. They offer Free shipping on entire order and provide introductory promotion too.


The vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty.

buy v2 pro series 9 online

How to Buy V2 Pro Series 9 Online at Best Price?

To buy the V2 pro series 9 at the best price visit https://www.v2.com/starter-kits/series-9-vape-pen webpage. Follow the instruction and put the product into your cart. Go for checkout process and complete the Payment to place your order.

Hurry! This offer expires in 49 Days from today!

Hope my V2 Pro Series 9 Review help you to clear your doubts about release date and price. Please share your thoughts here.

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