V2 Pro Series 7 Vs Pax 2 Vs Pax 3 Vaporizer Comparison

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Are you confused on V2 Pro series 7 vs Pax 2 vs pax 3 vaporizer? Read my in-depth comparison and review to make a decision.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review

v2 pro series 7 vs pax 2 vaporizer
V2 Pro Series 7 Vs. Pax 2 Vaporizer

The V2 Pro series 7 is equipped with cutting edge features. It is packed with all the sleek features of the Pro series 3 plus a few extra facilities.

The Pro 7 comes with a much larger cartridge capacity, a voltage and temperature control, and just when it can’t get any better; this sleek device has an extended battery life.

These features make the pro & the ultimate 3 in 1 portable vaporizers for both liquid and dry herb. For vapers all around the world, you should definitely add this to your collection.

Unique Features

The Pro 7 comes with:

  • Magnetic USB charging lead.
  • Wall adapter
  • Magnetic Loose leaf cartridge.
  • Magnetic E- liquid Cartridge
  • Pick and Brush used for loose leaf cartridge maintenance.


You can get the V2 Pro Series 7 from their official website for $149.99.

The Pax 2 Vaporizer

The Pax 2 vaporizer is very small and portable. Its ruggedness and durability make it one of the most reliable vaporizers you can get your hands on. A re design of the original Pax Vaporizer, the Pax 2 to is an engineered and specially crafted version of the Pax.

The device comes with an impressive battery life, a deeper oven for more even heating and four different heat settings now instead of three on the original.

It has a more wider temperature range than its predecessor: Ten degrees lower and ten degrees higher than the original.

Unique Features

  • Pax 2 Vaporizer
  • Charging cradle
  • USB cord
  • Pax cleaning kit.
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Raised mouthpiece.

Manufacturer Warranty

The Pax 2 comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.


You can get the Pax 2 from their official website for $199

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The Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

If you have tried your hands on a Pax 2, then handling a Pax 3 should not be strange to you. It is a portable herb and concentrates vaporizer.

It is the third installation of the very popular, very successful Pax brand.

Its upgrades over its predecessor (Pax 2) include:

  • A new concentrate insert.
  • An upgraded battery.
  • A much quicker heat up time.
  • A haptic feedback/ Vibration alert.

Unique Features

  • For flowers and concentrates.
  • Vibration Feedback
  • 15s heat up time
  • Pocket size
  • 1Hour Charge time

Manufacturer Warranty

The Pax 3 comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.


You can get the Pax 3 from their official website for $274.99. You can use coupon code to get up to 15% discount.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vs Pax Vaporizer Comparison

Please go through the table given below to compare v2 Pro series 7 and Pax 2 and 3 vaporizer side by side.

Dry Herb Compatible Yes Yes
Manual Temperature Control Yes: 390F, 420 F, 455 F Yes: 370F, 390 F, 410 F
Temperature Control External button Remove mouthpiece, Internal button
Heat up Time < 30 seconds < 30 seconds
Pass through Operation Yes No
Lockable Yes No
USB charging Yes No
Easy Cleaning Yes No
Length 5.1 4.1
Weight 199g/4.2 oz 99g/ 3.5 oz
Colors Three Five
Other Mediums E-liquid, Wax No
Base Kit includes Vaporizer, Loose leaf Cartridge, E liquid Cartridge, USB charger, Wall Adapter, Cleaning Kit Vaporizer, Wall charger, Cleaning Kit, Lubricant

Please share your views and experience about Pax 3, 2 and V2 Pro series 7 vaporizer.

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