V2 Pro Series 3x Review and Coupon codes

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V2 Pro Series 3x Review and Coupon codes to buy it at discounted price. V2 have gained worldwide recognition as the largest online sellers of E cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes). They have spread their tentacles across most parts of the world and they are not stopping there.

V2 sell all varieties of electronic Cigarettes you can think of; be it Minis or Vaporizers.

Awesome V2 Pro Series 3x Review

The V2 Pro series 3x is an entirely unique brand which shows more focus on high quality vaporizers. The V2 is made remarkable because of its versatility and flexibility.

V2 Pro Series 3x Reviews and coupons

The Series is christened “The 3 in 1 vape pen”. It is given this name because of its ability to inhale e-liquids, waxes/oils and also dry herbs.

The v2 pro series also comes with an e-liquid tank which smoothly snaps in place with a magnet. The loose leaf tank has the capacity to heat up to 160oC to 1800C which makes it perfect for inhaling leafs without burning them.

The v2 pro series 3x features a unibody design with a 650 mAh encased in a metal cover.

It takes about an hour and a half for the device to fully charge, this would pose a problem for consistent vapors, so if you are one, then you’ll have to calm your nerves and stare at the LED tip waiting for the device to go green. However, there is an upside to this dilemma. The magnetic USB charger comes with a long cord which turns the V2 pro into a pass-through which enables you to do your thing while charging.

My review of V2 Pro Series 3x also include it’s specification, pros and cons. Below is the full detail for same. Check the comparison of v2 cigs and njoy to get clear idea about vapor production, quality and price.

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  • 650mAh Battery.
  • 2-4.2 voltage
  • Weight 54g (Empty Tank)
  • 14cm Length.

How to use V2 Pro Series 3X?

  • Operating the V2 pro series is child’s play. Anybody can instantly go pro working it:
  • First add the dried herbs of your choosing into the cartridge
  • Magnetically snap the cartridge to the battery.
  • Press and hold the battery button for about two to three minutes.
  • Wait for about 25 seconds for the cartridge to reach the ideal temperature.
  • When the light turns from red to green you are good to go!

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The Pros of the V2 pro series 3x

  • Very easy for first time vapers to use
  • Cartridges are more sleeker, durable and comes with four new mouthpieces
  • Compatible with Series 3 components and accessories.
  • Motion activated LED battery life indicator
  • Replaceable atomizers with PG and VG compatibility.
  • It is quite affordable ($99.99), *including v2 cigs shipping cost.
  • Excellent vapor production.
  • Very portable.
  • It can be used while charging because the USB charger comes with a long cord which turns the V2 pro into a pass-through.
  • Powerful performance in across different modes.
  • Long battery life (it will last for a day for most vapors)


  • Slow charging rate (It takes about one hour thirty minutes to fully charge.
  • When coil runs out, the entire cartridge will need to be changed.
  • Restricted air flow
  • The battery is non replaceable meaning once it drains; you must buy a full new kit which costs a staggering 69.99 pounds.

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  1. “Press and hold the battery button for about two to three minutes.”
    Sorry…that’s incorrect. Hold the battery button down for 3 *seconds*.

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