V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review and Coupons

v2 pro series 3 vaporizer review coupon
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Good news for all the vape lover. V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer arrived in market. I write my in-depth V2 Pro Vaporizer review with coupon codes here.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, you might have missed a 21st century invention, the electronic cigarette. However, that’s a story for another day, since we are here to give you a glimpse review of V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. For those who are not familiar with the term “vaporizer”, it is an electronic device that can be an e-Cig, a dry herb vape or a wax pen. All e-Cigs are vaporizers, but not all vaporizers are e-Cigs.

v2 pro series 3 vaporizer review coupon

Features and Review of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer features a magnetic coupling design that makes it easier for you to attach accessories to the main unit. However, it limits you to using official accessories only, since the V2 Pro is not compatible with any third-party ones.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review: The pen is compact enough to be held in your pocket, purse or jacket. It comes in a few different colors, which will probably attract the attention of your friends.

What you would not usually expect of a vaping pen to feature is the possibility to use it while charging it. The charging cable is long enough, so you don’t have to stay against the wall for hours while your friends are having a discussion around the table in the living room.

Each attachment has some interesting features. E-liquid, for example, has a light on it that enables you to use it in the dark. This might be quite entertaining if you’ve got no other business to do.

Charging V2 to 100% will take up to an hour and a half, which is an average result. The time between two charges will be roughly half of the charging time. For addicted smokers, this might be a bit disappointing, since having a fully charged vape is a necessity.

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Pros and Cons of V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

It’s somewhat a tradition to search for Pros and Cons of a certain product before making the final decision.

Pros of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

  • An impressive build quality
  • Good value for money
  • 3 in 1 wax and dry herb vaporizer and an e-cigarette
  • Between 70-90 minutes charging time. If you don’t want to purchase electronic cigarettes then go for this vaporizer. It is best alternative.

Cons of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

  • Average battery life
  • The basic package comes with e-Juice only. Herb and wax cartridges have to be bought separately. Fortunately, they offer discount coupon on that.
  • You can’t use it with third party accessories. However, V2 Cig provides you enough option that affordable too. So you won’t have to look back for other brands.

How to buy V2 Pro Series 3 using Coupon Codes?

Those of you who haven’t scrolled down to the end of the article before reading the title must have noticed a word “Coupon” in it. You’ll find out how to purchase the V2 Vaporizer with some welcome discounts. You can buy V2 Cigs at retailer stores in UK, US, Canada. However, I would suggest you to buy V2 eCigs online to get huge discount and authentic product.

The original price of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer is 59.99$. Make sure you use these coupons before the checkout.

  • SAVENOW – Using this code will save you 15% on all V2 starter Kits. There’s no expiration for this code and you can use it as many times as you want! It is valid for
  • SAVE – If you’ve not only shopped vaporizers, but some accessories as well, use this code to get a 10% percent discount on all V2 products.

Please don’t buy V2 Cigs from Amazon and other third party site where anybody can sell fake product that matches brand name. If these codes have worked for you, share them with your friends. Well, just in case someone needs it. There’s a high possibility that some of them are planning to switch to the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer.

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