V2 Pro Pods Review – How To Use It?

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Don’t buy V2 pro pods before you read the reviews! The V2 pro pods are just like V2 pro vaporizers, you can be use it as vaporizers.

V2 Pro Pods are a one type device for easy, mess-free way to vape on the air. You can use it with different types of cartridge as well as e–liquids. If we differentiate it’s to vaporizers then it’s a pre-filled cartridges compare to vaporizers.

Note: It is available to consume for user having legal age.

Pods are attached with magnetic connector and just drop on chamber and puff. Pods are usable with series 3 and series 3x straight out of the package. For series 7 simply use the adapter of 7 series.

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These pods are prefilled cartridges and it contains some popular vape liquids: V2 Red, Congress, Sahara, and V2 Menthol, and many more would be added in future. Pods are available in 3 package format: 3-packs, 12-packs, 24 packs, and 48- packs.

What is V2 Pro Pods? (Find Review)

The V2 Pro Pods are good in shape, size and just like traditional refillable Series 3 / Series 3X cartridges and have an integrated chip and magnetic connector. You slide them in your vaporizer and enjoy the great flavor without getting your hands dirty from liquid. This is also a good way of swapping between flavors in seconds.


  • Capability of vaporizing in a different size.
  • You can be adjustable a temperature.
  • No maintenance cost for using this pods.
  • More efficient compare to others you can be more puffs up here.
  • It has good battery size.

Vapor Quality

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Vapor quality of pods is thick and good to use. The vapor in pod are strong and dense with fluffier clouds than you can’t see this type vapor any other vape in this class, which is both gratifying and great for photogenic vapors. The temperature is always pristine and the draw is smooth.

Packages and pricing

As I said you above v2 pro pods are available in different types of packages like 3 packs, 12 packs, 24 or 48 packs format. I suggest please buy in a bulk format because there it’s easy available in cheap format.

Here I am giving you prize of different type of packages,

  • 3 pack v2 pro pods: 9.99$
  • 12 pack v2 pro pods: 37.99$
  • 24 pack v2 pro pods: 71.99$
  • 48 pack v2 pro pods: 135.99$

Mainly these 4 types of pods are available.

How to Use V2 Pro Pods?

Generally the method of using V2 pro pods is same as any pods. However to show you how does it work I prepare a step by step procedure as listed below.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece + cartridge for device from the Series 3 or Series 3X.
  2. And there Place the Pro Pod where the mouthpiece + cartridge used to be.
  3. Press power button 3 times to unlock device.
  4. Press the power button and then start inhaling.
  5. Enjoy your perfect vaping experience!

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Hope my review about V2 pro series pods help you! In case of any query or concern, please add your comment here.

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