V2 Cigs vs. Green Smoke – Comparison and Review

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Are you confused between Green Smoke vs V2 Cigs? Don’t worry! Here is my in-depth review and comparison for same. Go through each and every aspect and decided which one is best for you.

V2 Cigs and Green Smoke are among the leading manufacturers of e-cigarettes in the current market. Deciding which one to buy between the two can be quite a challenge, especially given that both have very great features. Both will offer a superb vaping experience with these high quality e-cigarettes, having diverse vapor profiles and great battery life. The choice might eventually all boil down to personal preferences.

Comparison of V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke

If you want to quit smoking then you should think about electronic cigarettes. It is one of best affordable and healthier way to quit smoking easily without any side effect. A highlight of the few differences is given below.

v2 cigs vs green smoke comparison and review


The exact prices usually vary from time to time, and depend on the store from which you will purchase. However, generally speaking, the V2 Cigs will usually be cheaper than the Green Smoke and would make a better option for those on a tight budget. The cartomizers of the V2 or also cheaper compared to Green Smoke.

Compare the Levels of nicotine

For those who smoke a lot on a daily basis and have higher requirements for nicotine level, Green Smoke will provide an additional nicotine level. V2 Cigs has its strongest available option being 18mg while Green Smoke offers up to 24mg. ideally, the 18mg might be sufficient to cater for all users, only that you will need more puffs meaning that you might drain your battery a bit faster.

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It is important that the appearance of the e-cigarette be more than satisfactory to the user. Both manufacturers make some very cool looking products, but Green Smoke gets the edge in terms cigarette-like appearance. For the untrained eye, differentiating it from a tobacco cigarette from a distance might be a challenge. The V2 Cigarette on the other hand have a more modern futuristic design. No need to charge v2 cig for too long. It uses advance technology, so that you can puffs for long time without worrying about battery issue.

In terms of packaging, V2 Cigs are much better because they offer more options for customization. You can choose the prints and color of your battery as well as the color of your carrying case and charger.

Vapor production

The amount of vapor an e-cigarette produces is a very important aspect. It determines a lot in the vaping experience thus the more vapor the better. Both brands are quite good when it comes to vapor production but V2 cigs have a very marginal edge over the Green Smoke.

Battery of Green Smoke and V2 eCigs

V2 Cigs use manual batteries, which mean that you can easily control the vapor level that you get, more closely. You have to press a button to activate the battery as opposed to it being automatically activated when you inhale. It might seem like more work but it comes with the advantage of being able to control precisely the amount of vapor that you take. You do not have to prime it with a couple of short puffs as required for the automatic.


Both brands offer a wide variety of flavors, ranging from Menthol and peppermint all the way to chocolate. All the flavors are so yummy and you cannot go wrong either way. Your personal preferences and taste buds are the only factors that can decide which is better. You can easily refill cartridge of v2 cigs. No need to spend tens of dollars in refilling your ecigarette now.

Why should you buy V2 Cigs over Green Smoke?

Both Green Smoke and V2 Cigs are great brands, but V2 Cigs have proven to be the better one in overall. It beats Green Smoke in terms of the features that it has as well as the cost factor. Its packaging also offers a lot more, coming with a lifetime warranty. To make matters better, you can even customize it. You should also check my review of v2 ex blanks.

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