V2 Cigs Prices in Malaysia, Dubai, India and Canada

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Where to Buy V2 Cigs in Malaysia, Dubai, India and Canada?

If you’re lucky enough to be a resident of any of these places or you’re simply looking for the way to get your hands on V2 products, you definitely know the meaning of the word ‘quality’ as that’s probably the very first association to V2.

V2 is one of the largest companies in the e-cig industry and, as such, it offers global availability of its products to ensure that everyone gets the best possible services regardless of the geographical area. As for that, you’ll easily find genuine V2 products on one of their websites.

V2 Cigs in Malaysia, Dubai, India

For customers located in Dubai and India, Vapour2.eu is the official V2 website in charge of delivering their products and services in your place. Its distribution center is in Prague, Czech Republic.

If you live in cold Canada or exotic Malaysia on the opposite side of the globe, you should seek e-cigarettes and accessories on V2.com, which is meant for customers located in North and South America, Eastern Asia and Australia.

Delivery times may vary if the order is shipped internationally, but you should contact V2 Customer Service for more details.

V2 Cigs Prices in Malaysia, Dubai, India and Canada

Once you’ve gotten to know something about the availability of V2 products, you can navigate to any of the aforementioned websites in order to place an order. However, before doing that, it is good to know how much it is going to cost you and what prices you should expect. Keep in mind that there might be slight differences in prices between the same products sold in different regions.

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Starting from the products the majority of you might be looking for, Starter Kits, V2 Standard Kit is priced at $39.95 for Canadian and Malaysian customers and €49.99 in case you are from Dubai or India. EX Series is a bit pricier as it carries price tags of $59.95 and €64.99 on V2.com and Vapour2.eu, respectively. When it comes to the premium products, V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer is priced at $129.99(€149.99) – a lot of money to be honest, though you really get the best of what a vaporizer has to offer.

Wide selection of accessories is available to give customers more freedom when it comes to choosing their preferable options, so make sure to check them out as well.

How to Buy V2 Cigs Using Coupon Codes?

Want to get 10% off the entire V2 portfolio and free shipping? Just use the coupon codes listed below and save a couple of bucks:

  • SAVENOW– 15% discount on all V2 Starter Kits.
  • SAVE– 10% discount on all V2 products.

In order to become eligible for a discount, you need to enter these v2 coupon codes during checkout. The larger the final amount you have to pay, the more significant the final discount will be. Take your time choosing the right product for your needs and have it delivered to your address in just a couple of days in India, Malaysia, Dubai(UAE) etc.

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