V2 Cigs Charger and Battery Problems and How to Fix it

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V2 E-cigarette prevalent battery problems are like a regular reminder that even though the electronic vapor and cigarette is an awesome device, it isn’t just perfect. Be it progressively or suddenly, majority of all e-cigarette batteries will eventually die, which is the main reasons why I usually fight against purchasing a starter kit with just a single battery.

Perhaps your V2 eCcigarettes battery isn’t functioning smoothly or properly, the only recourse is most times to simply get rid or dispose of it. However, when some e-cigarette battery problems occur you may still be lucky enough to redeem/revive the battery or you may not even have had a battery problem after all. If either of these be the case, there might be some brink of hope.

Frequently asked questions on V2 Cigs charger and battery problem

Below are some most common problems that you may face with V2 cigs. I tried to answer all of them, so that you get everything within one page.

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Why is my battery flashing continuously?

If your battery is flashing continuously, it just might deduce that it is faulty. Generally it might mean that you may need to put it on charge. If the said battery is particularly flashing only when you are trying to puff away on it, the latter will most likely be the case.

My battery doesn’t last very long, why is this so?

A whole lot of circumstances will most likely affect how long your battery will hold a charge for. If you use extensively, as in you are almost always smoking on it, you might just be killing the battery. It is just like any other electronic gadget or item – the more you use to charge it, the lesser power it will hold. Even it is advisable that rechargeable batteries need replacing every once in a while.

If peradventure you failed to let the battery completely drain before you started charging it, the battery might have even “forgotten” exactly how much of “e-juice” it can withhold. This apparently means that you would need to start letting the battery totally drain out before you put a charge on it again. Also, if you mistakenly leave your battery on charge for way too long, you could as well be dilapidating it so always make sure, as soon as the tiny light turns green to show that charging has been completed, you should remove or disconnect the battery from the charger. You should know charging time of v2 cigs battery, to improve it’s lifespan.

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I am having intermittent connection issues, what can I do?

The issue often could be the connection between your battery and that of your clearomiser. Always see to it that the battery terminal and end-base of your clearomiser are perfectly clean. Using a mild cotton bud is sufficient enough at least.

If the stated above still doesn’t help then do try the other battery and notice how it behaves so you can then determine or deduce if it’s the charger or perhaps the battery that’s bad.

Battery light does not come on/Charger light is green but battery is not charged?

Detach the battery from the atomizer and firmly tap the battery with your palm or index on a counter top 5 times (just as if you were packing cigarettes). The threaded side (the revealing part that screws right in to the atomizer) should be pointing directly downward and is the part that should makes contact with the counter top. Furthermore, screw the battery back onto the atomizer first (P.S not the charger!!!) and draw or puff on the e-cig a couple of few times. This somewhat resets the protection switch inside the battery and allows room for it to take a full effective charge again and make sure you exhaust fully before shutting it off.

Some benevolence of maintaining your V2 Cigs and how to do so

Try to unscrew the Cartomizer: A few e-cigarette users realize that even when you’re really not actively vaping, if the cartomizer is perhaps connected to the battery, its slowly depleting it of e-juice. Disconnecting or detaching the cartomizer when you’re not engaging your device for a relatively long period of time aids in expanding or extending the rational intervals between recharges, ultimately and most importantly increasing battery life. Make sure that at certain time, you clean your v2 cigs cartridge.

Do not Store Batteries Empty: You’ve probably noticed that most of electronic cigarette companies/makers ship their batteries if not fully charged then partially charged, but not ever empty in whatever worse scenario. That’s a very commendable habit you might want to imitate yourself when storing batteries for extensive long periods of time.

Just as the times when you vape batteries dry, they really have to work a whole lot harder to replenish their power cells, and keeping them 50% full or less will most likely cause them to drain/deplete a lot faster. As I have mentioned earlier on, repeatedly depleting batteries dry significantly weakens their overall lifespan. So always make sure that you charge the batteries to at least 67 – 70% before you eventually store them for reuse.

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