Where to buy V2 Cigs without Nicotine (0 levels)

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Want to quit smoking, then you should buy V2 Cigs without nicotine. It is the eCigarette that comes with different nicotine levels (0mg to 6mg).

Smoking traditional cigarettes has been for a long time an addiction to so many people all over the world. The cigarettes are made from tobacco, which contains many chemicals within it.

buy v2 cigs without nicotine level

Studies and research has proven over the years that most of the components found within tobacco are actually very dangerous to health, and should be avoided at all costs. V2 Cigs comes as a solution to this problem to ensure that you still get your nicotine kick without all the other harmful effects. You get no smoke, no tar, no ash, and no carbon monoxide among many other advantages. Over a long period, it is also cheaper to use V2 Cigs as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

Types of Nicotine level that V2 Cigs offer

For those who have never used electronic cigarette before, the many options available can be quite overwhelming. You have to choose the charger and batteries, flavor, and e-liquids among many other things. The most confusing to choose from is usually the level of nicotine. V2 Cigs offers a wide range to cover anyone from beginners to those who have been smoking for decades. The percentage of nicotine indicated on the V2 Cigs e-liquid or flavor cartridge refers to the percentage of nicotine you will inhale in every puff.

The levels offered by V2 Cigs are as below.

2.4% nicotine

This is the highest concentration that you can get. Comparing to beverages, you can relate it to whiskey. The throat hit is straight up and perfectly potent. It is a great choice for heavy smokers who go through two or more packets of cigarettes on a daily basis.

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V2 Cig 1.8% strength

This is the next in line in terms of concentration. It gives a throat hit that is strong but completely satisfying. In comparison to beverages, you can relate it to merlot. The heavy smoker who uses two or more packets of traditional cigarettes per day will find this option quite satisfying. You should also learn, how to refill the cartridge of v2 cigs.

1.2% strength

This concentration gives a throat hit that is full-bodied and quite tasty. Compared to beverages, it can be looked as beer. It is meant for the light smoker who uses at least one pack of the traditional cigarettes per day.

0.6% strength

In comparison to beverages, you can view it as wine spritzer. In terms of throat hit, it goes down quite smoothly and with ease. It is meant for the light smokers who use less than one pack of cigarettes per day.

Zero mg Nicotine in V2 Cigs

This is like sparkling cider when compared to beverages. It is quite cool and refreshing and meant for the occasional smoker or social smoker, who do not get anywhere close to going through one pack in a day.

How to Buy V2 Cigs with without Nicotine?

Purchasing the V2 Cigs with 0mg Nicotine Level is an easy process. All you need to do is visit the official website. Once you have chosen your packaging, you will be required to choose your preferred flavor as well as its strength. Simply choose the zero nicotine level before you add to cart and checkout. Make sure to use coupon codes given here to receive your order at Free Shipping and with discounted rate. You however, must be more than 18 years old to be able to be able to purchase. Make sure to read my review about V2 Cigs Ex blanks and battery charger.

I would suggest you to buy V2 Cigs without Nicotine from official site only. They offer wide range of products and always comes with promotional offers for new and existing customers.

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