Should You Buy V2 Cigs on Amazon or eBay?

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Should You Buy V2 Cigs on Amazon or eBay? V2 Cigs are nicely packaged electronic cigarette that has single use option. They have rechargeable starter kits that feature the long lasting V2 EX-batteries along with atomizer cartridges. They are also known for their best customer service in the industry.

Why to Buy V2 Cig?

The Cigarette is rated for 400 puffs. It does around 350 more for light puffers. The flavour is quite similar to V2 Cig but the vapour production is the bit less. Irrespective of that, it is still quite thick vapour providing a nice throat hit. Its battery functions well featuring a small air hole for smooth puffing. Battery life of V2 cigs is far better than it’s competitors.

don't buy v2 cigs from amazon and ebay

The atomizer also works very well and the burnt taste comes only at the very end. However, gradually it dies out in taste and the volume of the vapour nearing the end. Its vapour is not as robust as the V2 Cigs but is still good considering it being in the disposable category. Its e-liquid is a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which gives users a good throat hit and good vapours. But if you have been a heavy smoker earlier, the experience may not be very satisfying.

Thing to consider while ordering eCigs from Amazon and eBay

E-commerce has grown rapidly over the years. One can get almost all the product on the internet. The shopping experience has become much better than the past. In 7-8 years various e-Cigs companies have spam the e-commerce site with their product. There are so many websites from where you can buy electronic cigarettes online in US and UK.

Various companies have adopted the fraudulent technique to earn more money. Now most of the top brands in e-cigs are not selling products on the internet. One needs to consider brand image and content inside the product before purchasing. As most of the trusted companies don’t sell their product in this category on Amazon and ebay so one should better avoid buying this product on it.

Why not to buy V2 Cigs from Amazon or eBay?

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon and e-bay are not selling any top type of e-cigs. As there is nicotine content in this cigarette so there was the various bad press releases. Some of the international laws don’t allow top brands to sell their products. So, customers are left with the option of purchasing from cheaper brands or Chinese brands which are not trustable.

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Various countries laws have blocked various products of e-bay. Amazon also in last years has reduced a large number of products from their product line. There few retailer stores in USA, UK and Canada that also sells V2 Cigarette. But make sure that you are ordering original product from them.

Benefit of Buying V2 Cigs from official site

Various e-cig companies sell their product from their own website. As these big companies don’t have to pay a large amount of money so the quality of their product is quite good. They follow guidelines strictly and their product is safer to use. Buying from official site ensure you that you are getting 100% authentic product. Apart from that your order will be covered with the manufacturer warranty and guarantee if any. V2 Cigs often host exclusive offers and coupon codes, which you can use to buy your favorite eCigarette at discounted price.

Moreover, they offer discreet and super fast worldwide shipping. If you are ordering within US or UK then you can get your order at Free Shipping too. If you want to quit smoking then you can buy V2 Cig without nicotine too. Only a few manufacturers are considered to be safe for buying e-cigs and those companies sell their product on their website. One gets lots of option to choose from and best thing is that V2 Cigs offer very low price as compared to another website like Amazon or e-bay, as they don’t have to send commission to list their item on Amazon and other third party sites.


Quality is the most vital factor in a product while we want a product. V2 cig is top rated nicotine free eCig brand in the world. One should not compromise on quality and buy a cheap product which can be harmful in long run. Various cheap e-cig companies have very bad quality and it affects one health severely. One should consider various parameters while buying this product. As whenever we buy a product our main aim is to reap the benefit of the product.

Hence, I would suggest to not buy V2 cig from Amazon or eBay or any other third party websites. Go for official site only.

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