Best Vape Tank for Clouds and Flavor (2018 Review)

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Find the list of best rated vape tank for clouds and flavors. Don’t buy vape mods and tanks before reading review.

A raw definition of the Vaper Tank: is the part filled with the juice to be sent across the atomizer for the warm up and there’s where the clouds and flavors come. The structure is not hard to understand, but it gets complex at discussing all the categories.

best vape tank for cloud and flavors

This is the right moment to approach to the Sub-Ohm theme, a word that we are going to be seeing from now on. The short version is that we refer to Sub-Ohm to those who possess less than 1 of an Ohm – of course.

This concludes just in one way: lower the ohm > hotter vape> more power > more amperage to the battery and so on, to get where we wanted to: Clouds and Flavors – a lot.

Best Reviewed Vape Tanks for Big Clouds and Flavor

Buying vape tank for clouds and flavor is easy now. There are several brands who produce such tank and vape mod that can ease your work.

Aspire Cleito

Don’t let the fragile design and the low cotton amount fool you, this marvelous stranger is innovating and this will show why.

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Simple and unique design, wide resistance and Clapton coil structure that contributes to a high vapor flow – essential for such flavorful production, great smelling dense essences.

They know how to do things correctly and this is not the first time they prove it. Price tag: $19.99.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review

A successor of a success, the TFV8 has now increased 15% in diameter and 30% increase in area, looking pretty ferocious and working at his best point.

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It is made from Stainless Steel X4- 0, 15 ohms Quadruple Coil head for the smog and x6 – 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil head for the flavors. To add up, one enormous 8.5 drip tip; all the TFV8 specs place the name high and very clear (Brute – Cloud Beast). Price tag: $29.99

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Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank

Imagine a combination between Stainless Steel who do have 3 airflow holes and colorful drip tips that seems to slide nicely. This might not be important to you but it is to me: juice flow opening for a quick click and done.

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Did I already mention that the Valyrian take advantage of two new coil pins: one for an air flow variation and the other, of course, for the flavor so this seems to explain one of the few factors of why is this most expensive of all. Price tag: $34.99.

Aspire Atlantis EVO Review

The Atlantis EVO is a curious case of a perfect tank for a daily usage to those who are used to extreme refills. People keep saying things like it doesn’t show the real purpose of what was created for but actually, Aspire do the opposite; the correct.

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Measures 22mm in diameter and 2 mm juice capacity – Standart kit – but features an adaptor to double that capacity with the Extended Kit. Is easy to build and easy to dismount. Price Tag: $19.99.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm

Last but not least, another big Sub- ohm delivery among the others heavyweight champions, a ProCore Aries symbolize the potential of the Clearomizer family.

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Take a deep look into the five different coils that ProCore Aries provide to control every aspect of the tank. The next three had been picked by me as favorite alternatives:

Pro C1 0.4 ohm Single coil: Basic, perfect for beginners

Pro C1- S 0.25 ohm, MTL Single coil: Balance

Pro C4 0.5 ohm Quad coil: Hardcore

Other two coils are also: Pro C2 (0.15 omh Dual coil) and Pro C3 (0.2-ohm tri-forced coil).    Joyetech totally deserves recognition for this specific detail. Performance?Outstanding.

Price: $29.99.

Bottom Line: Which Is Best Vape Tank For You?

So now that you are aware of which are the best tanks right now, take for granted that they are a matter of personal preferences. With this statement, I’m meaning that yes, they are the best, but any of them are better than the other on the list because their objectives are not simply the same.

Be careful if you are only new in Vaping because these aren’t cheap alternatives. Quality has it cost, right?

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