Best Vape Box Mod Under $100 (2018 Review)

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Are you searching for best rated vape box mod under $100? Read the review before you buy vape mod online in 2018.

The healthier solution that E-cigarettes are represents a positive change on how smokers can now enjoy this practice. Sadly, not everyone can afford to buy most of the Vape devices existing on the market.

Still, if you have a low budget and want to have right now a vape device in your hands, there are good news for you, sir: You don’t need 3 digits to buy one.

top cheap vape mod under 100

Best Buy Tips for Vape Box Mods

  • Price: Maybe the first detail that differentiates mods and how people choose them is their price. As it was mentioned at the beginning, not everyone will be able to get some mod that goes up to the 100$-200$.

Consider to buy any device  in an online store and, if possible, get them when they are in discount – that can save you as far as 60%. If you follow the online purchasing tip, the best would be to select the free shipping prowling on the site.

  • Clouds: An important part of the vaping experience is how much liquid you can burn out of your mouth and something that you need to know if want to get into this, is that not all mods produce the same effect in Ohm.
  • Flavor: Although you might now know, the specs of a box mod have a certain impact on your liquid is going to test.

Best Cheap Vape Mod and eCigs Box Mod Under $100

If you budget is tight and want to purchase vape box mod under $100 then here are the reviews for you.

VaporFi VAIOTM 75 TC

Built-in Tank VAIO model is like a vaping Robocop, a futuristic and constabulary design that makes for this economical mod, one of a kind.

vaporfi vaio tc mod

Ask anyone about this mod and possibly, the first answer is going to be about how good is the experience with the 0.5 SS ohm coil – Bottom coils feed the user an advanced cloud production that is rare to see. Price Tag: $79.99 with FREE shipping.

SMOK G-PRIV 220W TC Vape Starter Kit (Click Here)

The SMOK team has overcome the quality of their products with this transformerish design, with a fantastic 2.4 inches OLED touchscreen, giving the G-PRIV line a certain air of smartphone.

>> Buy Smok G-Priv Vape Starter Kit <<

Kit includes the Stainless Steel SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank, the small 24-5 mm– 5ml capacity monster. This kit, both mod, and the tank have a great price of $74.95.

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Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W TC Box MOD Review

A new generation has arrived from Pioneer4you. An IPV 8 that offers amazing power and functionality in an ultra-compact design where details take a big part of it. Did I mention that uses a YiHi SX330-F8 chip?

>> Order Pioneer4You Box Mod Now <<

Just as you read, the notorious YiHi chip is often praised for its precision and the SX Pure that it can only experiment with this model. Price Tag: $59.95,

HALO Triton Tank Kit Review

Not a BOX Mod but E-cig style mod. The American company HALO recognizes the following that e-cigs shaped mods still have and turn a new model into an effective, simple and economical kit.

>> Buy Highest Rated Halo Tank Kit <<

The technological kit includes:

  • 2 Triton 650 mAh Batteries
  • 2 Triton 2.4 ml Tanks
  • 1 Triton Nose Cone
  • USB Charger
  • User Manuel
  • FREE -30 ml Bottle of any HALO E-liquid of your choice

Right now, it is very hard to find an e-cig kit like this one, with such potential in performance, vapor production, battery life and even price: $40.00. [Buy Mod Battery for Vaping]

Innokini Taste MVP 4.0 100W TC MOD

Last but not least on the list, we have the long-lasting MVP Series of Innokin: 4.0. It often said that is very similar to the previous 3.0 version but that’s not a bad thing.

>> Purchase Innokini 100W TC Mod <<

Internal Battery and semi-high wattage are few words to describe the MVP 4.0 so let’s try with a couple more. Thanks to the 100W maximum output and the 4500mAh packs, the MVP 4.0 distributes an overwhelming battery length.Has a powerful hit, delightful accuracy thanks to the Athlon chipset and is a great option for you.Price Tag: $57.95.

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Final Words

Vaping has beaten the popularity that common harmful cigarettes in some parts of the globe and it would not be strange if vape devices completely outtakes cigarettes in the future.

Although 100 dollars it might look as an expensive price for someone who wants to quit smoking or just try simple vaping devices, it would be easy to mention how bad and expensive is for lifetime smokers to buy daily packages.

If you have any doubts to buy vape mod box below $100 then add your comment or review here. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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