Best High End Vape Mods Review 2018 – Luxury Vape Mod for SALE

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Don’t buy High End Vape Mods before you read the review. Find out best selling luxury box mod by leading brands.

If you are reading this is probable that you know what a Mod is and how they are used; if you don’t know, let me explain some of it really quick without any “Vaping Jargon”.

high end vape mods review

These mods are some type of eCigarrete but bigger and with a more complex system, mainly directed to a customizable experience thanks to the temperature controls and a high consumable time for its long-life battery capacity.

They are perfect for those who are already involucre in the activity and most of them look awesome. It is time for to mention the Luxury Mods that are considered the best of the best on this 2017.

Best High-End Vape Mods for Sale

Below are some top rated High End Vape Mods review that will clear your doubts and confusions.

Tuglyfe DNA 250W TC Box Mod by Flawless

the First beast in our countdown is the one and only Tuglyfe Box Mod made by the Flawless bare hands; radiant case with curved and comfortable grip, small but fresh buttons, and 900mah battery capacity. What else can you ask for?

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A DNA 250 represents constant upgrades and quality performance: Triple 18650 platforms for batteries and LiPo Support, 97% Output Efficiency, Atomizer – Low Resistance – Short Circuit – Overheat and Low Voltage Protection.

Don’t forget the Escribe Software upgrades on time to time for the deepest customization. Price tag: $179.99 right now!

SXmini G-Class SX550J 200W TC Mod Review

The first time I saw this baby, I thought it was some explosive type device. Wasn’t too wrong about it, the SXmini G –Class SX550J Mod is a bomb.

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Carbon fiber decals side to side, 510 centered connection for the 30mm atomizers and precise control for both temperature with its TCR and one of the most detailed and beautiful screens in the whole market. Price Tag: $219.99. [Best Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Review]

S-Body DNA250 C3D1 by Vape Droid

There is not too much to say about the Vape Droid new High-End Mod. Just one thing that got really stuck in my head: good workmanship indeed.

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Its most fantastic feature – for me – would be how it was perfect to be grabbed around and offering that anti-slip signature which is hard to find. Don’t be confused, I know the anti-slip feature is not new by any mean but the S-Body C3D1 achieve a natural coverage on how to do it perfectly.  Price tag: $144.50.

Triade DNA 250 by Lost Vape

Many of the mods brands on this list have searched the way to highlight their products; sometimes they redo the system’s working type and sometimes they focus on the aesthetics, as is the Lost Vape present case.

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What Lost Vape has accomplished with this prototype is really a high-quality combination: the Zinc Allow and Stainless Steel body with the side ventilation lines play delightfully with that futuristic style.

Also, leather hand grab zone presumes very distinguished details. It sounds a little bit strange but consumed leather, with all those marks may look pretty awesome with time – like a well-aged whiskey. Price tag: $144.50; nice comparing tool against the S-Body C3D1 quality. [Don’t Buy Xmax V2 Pro Vaporizer from Amazon]

DotMod 200W TC Box Mod Review

Minimalism made Mod. Its simplicity comes from the design to the menu system – by the way, incredibly easy to use – and is the second 200w mod in the list, shouldn’t that be a problem.

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The elegant dotBox logo in the round corners and in the responsive fire button are for me, two aspects that take my attention a lot. It’s available in four different colors: Auto Blue, Black, Gold, and Red. Price Tag: 179.99$.

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Bottom Line – Which is Best Luxury Vape Mod?

Remember that all the High-End Vape Mods mentioned on this list are the best of the best in the current market and because of that, you got to expect. Also is worth mentioning that they aren’t so different from each other. In this case, the biggest details aren’t the cons – do not present many – but their esthetic and energy features.

Hope my review of high end vape mod help you to find best product for you.

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