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Good news for all the vape lover. V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer arrived in market. I write my in-depth V2 Pro Vaporizer review with coupon codes here.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, you might have missed a 21st century invention, the electronic cigarette. However, that’s a story for another day, since we are here to give you a glimpse review of V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. For those who are not familiar with the term “vaporizer”, it is an electronic device that can be an e-Cig, a dry herb vape or a wax pen. All e-Cigs are vaporizers, but not all vaporizers are e-Cigs.

v2 pro series 3 vaporizer review coupon

Features and Review of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer features a magnetic coupling design that makes it easier for you to attach accessories to the main unit. However, it limits you to using official accessories only, since the V2 Pro is not compatible with any third-party ones.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Review: The pen is compact enough to be held in your pocket, purse or jacket. It comes in a few different colors, which will probably attract the attention of your friends.

What you would not usually expect of a vaping pen to feature is the possibility to use it while charging it. The charging cable is long enough, so you don’t have to stay against the wall for hours while your friends are having a discussion around the table in the living room.

Each attachment has some interesting features. E-liquid, for example, has a light on it that enables you to use it in the dark. This might be quite entertaining if you’ve got no other business to do.

Charging V2 to 100% will take up to an hour and a half, which is an average result. The time between two charges will be roughly half of the charging time. For addicted smokers, this might be a bit disappointing, since having a fully charged vape is a necessity.

Pros and Cons of V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

It’s somewhat a tradition to search for Pros and Cons of a certain product before making the final decision.

Pros of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

  • An impressive build quality
  • Good value for money
  • 3 in 1 wax and dry herb vaporizer and an e-cigarette
  • Between 70-90 minutes charging time. If you don’t want to purchase electronic cigarettes then go for this vaporizer. It is best alternative.

Cons of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

  • Average battery life
  • The basic package comes with e-Juice only. Herb and wax cartridges have to be bought separately. Fortunately, they offer discount coupon on that.
  • You can’t use it with third party accessories. However, V2 Cig provides you enough option that affordable too. So you won’t have to look back for other brands.

How to buy V2 Pro Series 3 using Coupon Codes?

Those of you who haven’t scrolled down to the end of the article before reading the title must have noticed a word “Coupon” in it. You’ll find out how to purchase the V2 Vaporizer with some welcome discounts. You can buy V2 Cigs at retailer stores in UK, US, Canada. However, I would suggest you to buy V2 eCigs online to get huge discount and authentic product.

The original price of the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer is 59.99$. Make sure you use these coupons before the checkout.

  • SAVENOW – Using this code will save you 15% on all V2 starter Kits. There’s no expiration for this code and you can use it as many times as you want! It is valid for
  • SAVE – If you’ve not only shopped vaporizers, but some accessories as well, use this code to get a 10% percent discount on all V2 products.

Please don’t buy V2 Cigs from Amazon and other third party site where anybody can sell fake product that matches brand name. If these codes have worked for you, share them with your friends. Well, just in case someone needs it. There’s a high possibility that some of them are planning to switch to the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer.

V2 Cigs vs Blu Cigs – Comparison and Review 2017

Should I buy V2 Cigs or Blu Cigs? If you are confused among these two brands then this comparison post will clear your doubts.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are enjoying a very high popularity among the consumers nowadays. During the last couple years, experts have been urging everyone to stop smoking because it harms your health. It seems they’ve managed to convince some of us to switch to the more reasonable (health wise) option. Seeing someone using an e-cig is not that unusual anymore. There’s a high possibility that the pen-like product has V2 Cig or Blu Cig printed on it.

Blu cigs are a synonym for e-cigarettes in the industry. As one of the major corporations on the market, Blu offers their buyers three different kits to choose from – Original, Premium and Premium 100.

v2 cigs vs blu cigs comparison

V2 Cigs are created and developed by VMR Products LLC. The company’s e-Cigs portfolio includes V2, V2 Pro, Vapor Couture and Vapour 2. It is widely known as the largest online seller of e-cigs in the world.

Comparison Between V2 Cigs Vs Blu Cigs

Let’s start comparison of Blu vs Vigs Cigs with the most logical question, which one tastes better? On this field, V2 takes the crown. Americans produce e-Liquid specially for V2 Cigs. We are not saying Blu’s taste is not satisfying, it just lags behind a bit. Moreover, V2 offers blank cartridges which can be refilled with e-liquid. You can try to combine two randomly selected flavors and make your own custom flavor!

V2 offers four different battery options, whereas the Blu has to take second and last place with the only two, black and white. Battery life is also good as compared to other competitor brands. With the Blu e-cigs, you’ll probably run out of juice before you’ve returned home after work.

If you don’t want to refill your cartridge then you should go for V2 Disposable cigs. You can use that for almost 50 to 100 puffs.

V2 Pro vaporizers - sales & promotions

What about the price? The cheapest option is available to for roughly 40$ from V2, and 43$ from Blu, which is pretty much the same. When it comes to choosing accessories, the situation is a bit different. V2 seems to be bumping the price of its products, but hey, you’ve got much more space for customization. That’s the price you pay for fashion. Don’t buy V2 Cigs from Retailer stores, Instead go for their official site only. It ensure you for 100% authentic product.

Things You Should Consider before buying e-Cigs?

If you are new to e-cigs, choosing from various available brands, kits and flavors, could prove to be a challenge.

  • There are two types of smokers, those who smoke regular cigarettes and a lesser group of people who prefer menthol ones. That’s where you should start from, so choose the option you prefer.
  • Every single smoker is familiar with the nicotine strength. How to figure the adequate strength? The more frequently you smoke, the higher the nicotine level you’ll likely prefer. If you’ve decided nicotine should not be part of your life anymore, a nicotine-free eCigarette option is available too.
  • Now that you’ve chosen the initial accessories, it’s time to buy a product. A standard kit is recommended to all newcomers, since it allows you to experiment with the e-cigs. Always make an habit to buy eCigs online from official site only. Don’t go for Amazon, eBay and other third party site. These kind of sites allow anyone to sell any product and you may ended up buying fake product.

Final Review of V2 Cigs and Blu Cigs

Based on the customers’ reviews and the previous comparison, the verdict is simple. At this point, buying V2 Cigs seems to be a right decision. However, that doesn’t mean the situation won’t change.

Blu cigarettes have a disappointing, barely two hours long, battery life. That’s where the V2 impress us, since their results are far ahead from the standards in this category. The number of flavors available from V2 Cigs is outstanding – More than 15 to choose from. Each company gave its best to attract customers, and they’ve both got a piece of the market share. However, V2 Cigs has upper hands on Blu, when we consider price, quality, flavor variation and overall performance.

You can also add your own comparison of V2 Cigs and Blu by placing your comments here.

Should You Buy V2 Cigs on Amazon or eBay?

Should You Buy V2 Cigs on Amazon or eBay? V2 Cigs are nicely packaged electronic cigarette that has single use option. They have rechargeable starter kits that feature the long lasting V2 EX-batteries along with atomizer cartridges. They are also known for their best customer service in the industry.

Why to Buy V2 Cig?

The Cigarette is rated for 400 puffs. It does around 350 more for light puffers. The flavour is quite similar to V2 Cig but the vapour production is the bit less. Irrespective of that, it is still quite thick vapour providing a nice throat hit. Its battery functions well featuring a small air hole for smooth puffing. Battery life of V2 cigs is far better than it’s competitors.

don't buy v2 cigs from amazon and ebay

The atomizer also works very well and the burnt taste comes only at the very end. However, gradually it dies out in taste and the volume of the vapour nearing the end. Its vapour is not as robust as the V2 Cigs but is still good considering it being in the disposable category. Its e-liquid is a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which gives users a good throat hit and good vapours. But if you have been a heavy smoker earlier, the experience may not be very satisfying.

Thing to consider while ordering eCigs from Amazon and eBay

E-commerce has grown rapidly over the years. One can get almost all the product on the internet. The shopping experience has become much better than the past. In 7-8 years various e-Cigs companies have spam the e-commerce site with their product. There are so many websites from where you can buy electronic cigarettes online in US and UK.

Various companies have adopted the fraudulent technique to earn more money. Now most of the top brands in e-cigs are not selling products on the internet. One needs to consider brand image and content inside the product before purchasing. As most of the trusted companies don’t sell their product in this category on Amazon and ebay so one should better avoid buying this product on it.

Why not to buy V2 Cigs from Amazon or eBay?

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon and e-bay are not selling any top type of e-cigs. As there is nicotine content in this cigarette so there was the various bad press releases. Some of the international laws don’t allow top brands to sell their products. So, customers are left with the option of purchasing from cheaper brands or Chinese brands which are not trustable.

buy v2 cigs for cheap

Various countries laws have blocked various products of e-bay. Amazon also in last years has reduced a large number of products from their product line. There few retailer stores in USA, UK and Canada that also sells V2 Cigarette. But make sure that you are ordering original product from them.

Benefit of Buying V2 Cigs from official site

Various e-cig companies sell their product from their own website. As these big companies don’t have to pay a large amount of money so the quality of their product is quite good. They follow guidelines strictly and their product is safer to use. Buying from official site ensure you that you are getting 100% authentic product. Apart from that your order will be covered with the manufacturer warranty and guarantee if any. V2 Cigs often host exclusive offers and coupon codes, which you can use to buy your favorite eCigarette at discounted price.

Moreover, they offer discreet and super fast worldwide shipping. If you are ordering within US or UK then you can get your order at Free Shipping too. If you want to quit smoking then you can buy V2 Cig without nicotine too. Only a few manufacturers are considered to be safe for buying e-cigs and those companies sell their product on their website. One gets lots of option to choose from and best thing is that V2 Cigs offer very low price as compared to another website like Amazon or e-bay, as they don’t have to send commission to list their item on Amazon and other third party sites.


Quality is the most vital factor in a product while we want a product. V2 cig is top rated nicotine free eCig brand in the world. One should not compromise on quality and buy a cheap product which can be harmful in long run. Various cheap e-cig companies have very bad quality and it affects one health severely. One should consider various parameters while buying this product. As whenever we buy a product our main aim is to reap the benefit of the product.

Hence, I would suggest to not buy V2 cig from Amazon or eBay or any other third party websites. Go for official site only.

V2 Cigs Disposable Review – How to Use Disposable eCigs?

V2 Cigs is the leading brand name when we consider about electronic cigarettes. Read my review about disposable V2 Cigs and learn to use it safely.

V2 Cigs is one of the disposable cigarettes. They are packaged very beautifully and have got very good customer experience. Customers can recharge it as it is electronic cigarettes and last for the longer time than normal cigarettes. They have user-friendly starter kits. Moreover, they have high-quality rechargeable starter kits. Battery life of v2 cig is 50% more than other brands.

v2 cigs disposable review

V2 Cigs also have very large product lines and provide best customer service in the cigarette industry.  Users can electronically charge and use it. It last for near around 400 puffs but can be extended if there are lighter puff.

Review of V2 Cigs Disposable

V2 Disposable eCigs are better than most of the electronics cigarette available in markets. It can give more than 350 puffs if there are light puffs. Both flavours are of every good quality. Some problem is there with vapour production. Most of the customers said it is very thick and give them good hit which they desire. It provides good battery backup. There is the very narrow hole for the user for having smooth and easy puffing. The atomizer is very efficient and when it reduces to a very small size then only vapour start tasting like it is burnt. No need to find local retailer, You can buy electronics cigarettes online with free delivery option.

Various people reported that vapour is not very strong but par as compared to other products. When we compared V2 cigs disposable with other available in the market; we found that it is above average. But one main drawback with this disposable ecig is that it is available in only 2 flavours which are V2 Red Tobacco and V2 Menthol flavours. One good part is that it is less harmful as it contains only 1.8% of nicotine concentration. In my opinion, it can be reduced to 1.0% in future. You can get it with 0mg nicotine too, hence it is considered as top nicotine free ecig brand in the world.

Benefit and features of V2 Cigs Disposable

One good part is that it is less harmful as it contains only 1.8% of nicotine concentration. In my opinion, it can be reduced to 1.0% in future. The user can buy it in the pack of 5 or 10 but it is not available individually. The user needs to pay near around 35$ for the pack of 5 and 50$ for the pack of 10. It is quite affordable if we see the general price of another cigarette.

V2 Cigs often last longer than normal e- cigarette available in the market. It saves lots of money as another type of cigarette is quite expensive as compared to this.   It doesn’t affect environment much and passive smokers are safe. An Even user who is using this will not be impacted much. Some chain smoker doesn’t feel comfortable with this as a lot of setups need to be done. Disposable cigscan be brought easily from http://v2cigs.com. The user can buy this directly from the company and can get various eliquid discount offers.

How to Use V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes?

The user wants to buy this V2 Cigs need to make their mind before purchasing this as it is not simple like light and start puffing. You can order nicotine free v2 cigs from it’s official site or authorized retailer. The best thing is that it is disposable so it can be used again. User need to take out battery and re-charge it. This cigarette is good who wants to reduce their nicotine content. As nicotine is quite harmful and it affects in later stages of life. V2 Cigs disposable is a highly recommendable product for those who wants to leave cigarette or for those who want to have experience of cigarette. It feels like it is costly but if we see that it provides 500 puffs at that price then it becomes quite affordable.

Make sure to read my comparison about Green smoke and v2 cigs. If can of any queries about V2 ecigs disposable review or it’s usage then you can contact me by commenting here.

V2 Cigs Retailers Stores in USA, Canada, UK and Australia

V2 Cigs is the UK’s best selling E cigarette; you can order V2 eCigs anywhere both online stores and offline retailer stores. Well, it is a handheld electronic device that vaporizes a flavored liquid, which the user inhales the flavor.V2 Cigs is the most famous brands of E-cigarette and also vape pens. It is nicotine free e cigarette brand that help to quite smoking. Through the commitment of the manufacturer, they have earned so much reputation from their quality brand of cigarette as a top and final destination for purchasing E-cigarette in the United Kingdom.

v2 cigs retailer stores in UK, Australia, Canada and US

V2 Cigs Retailer Stores in UK, US, Canada, and Australia

Below are some best US stores from where you can buy V2 Cigs locally.

CigAret Shopper, ME. Maine Smoke Shop, ME. WestBrook Market, NYC. Kinny Drugs, VT. Alpine Mart, VT. Express Lane, NY. Eli’s Market, NY. Champlain Farms, VT. Jiffy Mart.

Best Retailer Stores in the UK: I will be listing the best local stores that sell these products.

1111 EC Services Limited,
54 Broadway,

Site: https://www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/

There are no any reliable stores in Canada where you can order V2 Cigs without nicotine. However, official site allow Shipping to Canada. So, I would suggest you to get yours from that only.

Everyday hundreds of peoples of Australia search for local stores to buy electronics cigarette brands like V2 Cigs. There is no any authorize reseller. So instead of searching for local Australian stores to V2 Cigs, go for eCommerce site only. They ship Internationally at minimum or no shipping fee.

Why should you buy V2 Cigs from online stores?

When you decides to buy your V2 Cigs in UK, both e- liquids, and their accessories, it is advisable to get them through online vendors. Well you can even find few of them offline, but the funniest part of it, they are expensive and very few. You might end up not buying what you came for, although you might pick it up at that very moment. So my advice to you is to buy V2 eCigs from online vendors. Getting your E-cigarette online is the sure thing because they provide you a much comprehensives opportunity to choose from your best products, styles, colors, sizes, shapes, packaging and even offers you free kits to guide you in getting started. An online store also offers a larger collection of flavor in choosing your E-cigarette.

Furthermore, 90% of the online store’s offers can never be seen anywhere at the local retailers. Let’s assumed you have one particular model you wish to buy from the local retailers and it wasn’t seen. So local retailers could not be or cannot even be your best option. They do not offer the replacement components for V2 Cigs, chargers, batteries, and other variety of products which the online vendors offer with ease.

You can also free compare brands like V2 Cigs and Green smoke when you buy it online.

Most of the online vendors offer free shipping to their customers who buy from the. So you will save huge and it will lower your total spending. All these factors are combined in making online vendors a more suitable and reliable choice for buying V2 eCigs online. Most especially for those who are seeking for new release products or even hope in getting your own desired choice in flavors for e-liquids.

You can use V2 Cigs Coupons to save up to 30% off the retail price. You can’t find such deal locally.

If you still want to go for listed V2 Cigs Retailer stores then you can at your own risk. I would suggest you to buy it from official site.