V2 Cigs vs Blu Cigs – Comparison and Review 2018

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Should I buy V2 Cigs or Blu Cigs? If you are confused among these two brands then this comparison post will clear your doubts.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are enjoying a very high popularity among the consumers nowadays. During the last couple years, experts have been urging everyone to stop smoking because it harms your health. It seems they’ve managed to convince some of us to switch to the more reasonable (health wise) option. Seeing someone using an e-cig is not that unusual anymore. There’s a high possibility that the pen-like product has V2 Cig or Blu Cig printed on it.

Blu cigs are a synonym for e-cigarettes in the industry. As one of the major corporations on the market, Blu offers their buyers three different kits to choose from – Original, Premium and Premium 100.

v2 cigs vs blu cigs comparison

V2 Cigs are created and developed by VMR Products LLC. The company’s e-Cigs portfolio includes V2, V2 Pro, Vapor Couture and Vapour 2. It is widely known as the largest online seller of e-cigs in the world.

Comparison Between V2 Cigs Vs Blu Cigs

Let’s start comparison of Blu vs Vigs Cigs with the most logical question, which one tastes better? On this field, V2 takes the crown. Americans produce e-Liquid specially for V2 Cigs. We are not saying Blu’s taste is not satisfying, it just lags behind a bit. Moreover, V2 offers blank cartridges which can be refilled with e-liquid. You can try to combine two randomly selected flavors and make your own custom flavor!

V2 offers four different battery options, whereas the Blu has to take second and last place with the only two, black and white. Battery life is also good as compared to other competitor brands. With the Blu e-cigs, you’ll probably run out of juice before you’ve returned home after work.

If you don’t want to refill your cartridge then you should go for V2 Disposable cigs. You can use that for almost 50 to 100 puffs.

What about the price? The cheapest option is available to for roughly 40$ from V2, and 43$ from Blu, which is pretty much the same. When it comes to choosing accessories, the situation is a bit different. V2 seems to be bumping the price of its products, but hey, you’ve got much more space for customization. That’s the price you pay for fashion. Don’t buy V2 Cigs from Retailer stores, Instead go for their official site only. It ensure you for 100% authentic product.

Things You Should Consider before buying e-Cigs?

If you are new to e-cigs, choosing from various available brands, kits and flavors, could prove to be a challenge.

  • There are two types of smokers, those who smoke regular cigarettes and a lesser group of people who prefer menthol ones. That’s where you should start from, so choose the option you prefer.
  • Every single smoker is familiar with the nicotine strength. How to figure the adequate strength? The more frequently you smoke, the higher the nicotine level you’ll likely prefer. If you’ve decided nicotine should not be part of your life anymore, a nicotine-free eCigarette option is available too.
  • Now that you’ve chosen the initial accessories, it’s time to buy a product. A standard kit is recommended to all newcomers, since it allows you to experiment with the e-cigs. Always make an habit to buy eCigs online from official site only. Don’t go for Amazon, eBay and other third party site. These kind of sites allow anyone to sell any product and you may ended up buying fake product.

Final Review of V2 Cigs and Blu Cigs

Based on the customers’ reviews and the previous comparison, the verdict is simple. At this point, buying V2 Cigs seems to be a right decision. However, that doesn’t mean the situation won’t change.

Blu cigarettes have a disappointing, barely two hours long, battery life. That’s where the V2 impress us, since their results are far ahead from the standards in this category. The number of flavors available from V2 Cigs is outstanding – More than 15 to choose from. Each company gave its best to attract customers, and they’ve both got a piece of the market share. However, V2 Cigs has upper hands on Blu, when we consider price, quality, flavor variation and overall performance.

You can also add your own comparison of V2 Cigs and Blu by placing your comments here.

Best Vape Box Mod Under $100 (2018 Review)

Are you searching for best rated vape box mod under $100? Read the review before you buy vape mod online in 2018.

The healthier solution that E-cigarettes are represents a positive change on how smokers can now enjoy this practice. Sadly, not everyone can afford to buy most of the Vape devices existing on the market.

Still, if you have a low budget and want to have right now a vape device in your hands, there are good news for you, sir: You don’t need 3 digits to buy one.

top cheap vape mod under 100

Best Buy Tips for Vape Box Mods

  • Price: Maybe the first detail that differentiates mods and how people choose them is their price. As it was mentioned at the beginning, not everyone will be able to get some mod that goes up to the 100$-200$.

Consider to buy any device  in an online store and, if possible, get them when they are in discount – that can save you as far as 60%. If you follow the online purchasing tip, the best would be to select the free shipping prowling on the site.

  • Clouds: An important part of the vaping experience is how much liquid you can burn out of your mouth and something that you need to know if want to get into this, is that not all mods produce the same effect in Ohm.
  • Flavor: Although you might now know, the specs of a box mod have a certain impact on your liquid is going to test.

Best Cheap Vape Mod and eCigs Box Mod Under $100

If you budget is tight and want to purchase vape box mod under $100 then here are the reviews for you.

VaporFi VAIOTM 75 TC

Built-in Tank VAIO model is like a vaping Robocop, a futuristic and constabulary design that makes for this economical mod, one of a kind.

vaporfi vaio tc mod

Ask anyone about this mod and possibly, the first answer is going to be about how good is the experience with the 0.5 SS ohm coil – Bottom coils feed the user an advanced cloud production that is rare to see. Price Tag: $79.99 with FREE shipping.

SMOK G-PRIV 220W TC Vape Starter Kit (Click Here)

The SMOK team has overcome the quality of their products with this transformerish design, with a fantastic 2.4 inches OLED touchscreen, giving the G-PRIV line a certain air of smartphone.

>> Buy Smok G-Priv Vape Starter Kit <<

Kit includes the Stainless Steel SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank, the small 24-5 mm– 5ml capacity monster. This kit, both mod, and the tank have a great price of $74.95.

V2 Pro vaporizers - sales & promotions

Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W TC Box MOD Review

A new generation has arrived from Pioneer4you. An IPV 8 that offers amazing power and functionality in an ultra-compact design where details take a big part of it. Did I mention that uses a YiHi SX330-F8 chip?

>> Order Pioneer4You Box Mod Now <<

Just as you read, the notorious YiHi chip is often praised for its precision and the SX Pure that it can only experiment with this model. Price Tag: $59.95,

HALO Triton Tank Kit Review

Not a BOX Mod but E-cig style mod. The American company HALO recognizes the following that e-cigs shaped mods still have and turn a new model into an effective, simple and economical kit.

>> Buy Highest Rated Halo Tank Kit <<

The technological kit includes:

  • 2 Triton 650 mAh Batteries
  • 2 Triton 2.4 ml Tanks
  • 1 Triton Nose Cone
  • USB Charger
  • User Manuel
  • FREE -30 ml Bottle of any HALO E-liquid of your choice

Right now, it is very hard to find an e-cig kit like this one, with such potential in performance, vapor production, battery life and even price: $40.00. [Buy Mod Battery for Vaping]

Innokini Taste MVP 4.0 100W TC MOD

Last but not least on the list, we have the long-lasting MVP Series of Innokin: 4.0. It often said that is very similar to the previous 3.0 version but that’s not a bad thing.

>> Purchase Innokini 100W TC Mod <<

Internal Battery and semi-high wattage are few words to describe the MVP 4.0 so let’s try with a couple more. Thanks to the 100W maximum output and the 4500mAh packs, the MVP 4.0 distributes an overwhelming battery length.Has a powerful hit, delightful accuracy thanks to the Athlon chipset and is a great option for you.Price Tag: $57.95.

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Final Words

Vaping has beaten the popularity that common harmful cigarettes in some parts of the globe and it would not be strange if vape devices completely outtakes cigarettes in the future.

Although 100 dollars it might look as an expensive price for someone who wants to quit smoking or just try simple vaping devices, it would be easy to mention how bad and expensive is for lifetime smokers to buy daily packages.

If you have any doubts to buy vape mod box below $100 then add your comment or review here. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Best Vape Tank for Clouds and Flavor (2018 Review)

Find the list of best rated vape tank for clouds and flavors. Don’t buy vape mods and tanks before reading review.

A raw definition of the Vaper Tank: is the part filled with the juice to be sent across the atomizer for the warm up and there’s where the clouds and flavors come. The structure is not hard to understand, but it gets complex at discussing all the categories.

best vape tank for cloud and flavors

This is the right moment to approach to the Sub-Ohm theme, a word that we are going to be seeing from now on. The short version is that we refer to Sub-Ohm to those who possess less than 1 of an Ohm – of course.

This concludes just in one way: lower the ohm > hotter vape> more power > more amperage to the battery and so on, to get where we wanted to: Clouds and Flavors – a lot.

Best Reviewed Vape Tanks for Big Clouds and Flavor

Buying vape tank for clouds and flavor is easy now. There are several brands who produce such tank and vape mod that can ease your work.

Aspire Cleito

Don’t let the fragile design and the low cotton amount fool you, this marvelous stranger is innovating and this will show why.

>> Get Aspire Cleito Now! <<

Simple and unique design, wide resistance and Clapton coil structure that contributes to a high vapor flow – essential for such flavorful production, great smelling dense essences.

They know how to do things correctly and this is not the first time they prove it. Price tag: $19.99.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review

A successor of a success, the TFV8 has now increased 15% in diameter and 30% increase in area, looking pretty ferocious and working at his best point.

>> Order You Smok TFV8 Tank <<

It is made from Stainless Steel X4- 0, 15 ohms Quadruple Coil head for the smog and x6 – 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil head for the flavors. To add up, one enormous 8.5 drip tip; all the TFV8 specs place the name high and very clear (Brute – Cloud Beast). Price tag: $29.99

Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank

Imagine a combination between Stainless Steel who do have 3 airflow holes and colorful drip tips that seems to slide nicely. This might not be important to you but it is to me: juice flow opening for a quick click and done.

>> Purchase Uwell Valyrian Cloud Tank <<

Did I already mention that the Valyrian take advantage of two new coil pins: one for an air flow variation and the other, of course, for the flavor so this seems to explain one of the few factors of why is this most expensive of all. Price tag: $34.99.

Aspire Atlantis EVO Review

The Atlantis EVO is a curious case of a perfect tank for a daily usage to those who are used to extreme refills. People keep saying things like it doesn’t show the real purpose of what was created for but actually, Aspire do the opposite; the correct.

>> Click Here to Find More About Aspire EVO Tank <<

Measures 22mm in diameter and 2 mm juice capacity – Standart kit – but features an adaptor to double that capacity with the Extended Kit. Is easy to build and easy to dismount. Price Tag: $19.99.

Joyetech ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm

Last but not least, another big Sub- ohm delivery among the others heavyweight champions, a ProCore Aries symbolize the potential of the Clearomizer family.

>> BUY Now- ProCore Aries Sub-Ohm Tank <<

Take a deep look into the five different coils that ProCore Aries provide to control every aspect of the tank. The next three had been picked by me as favorite alternatives:

Pro C1 0.4 ohm Single coil: Basic, perfect for beginners

Pro C1- S 0.25 ohm, MTL Single coil: Balance

Pro C4 0.5 ohm Quad coil: Hardcore

Other two coils are also: Pro C2 (0.15 omh Dual coil) and Pro C3 (0.2-ohm tri-forced coil).    Joyetech totally deserves recognition for this specific detail. Performance?Outstanding.

Price: $29.99.

Bottom Line: Which Is Best Vape Tank For You?

So now that you are aware of which are the best tanks right now, take for granted that they are a matter of personal preferences. With this statement, I’m meaning that yes, they are the best, but any of them are better than the other on the list because their objectives are not simply the same.

Be careful if you are only new in Vaping because these aren’t cheap alternatives. Quality has it cost, right?

Best High End Vape Mods Review 2018 – Luxury Vape Mod for SALE

Don’t buy High End Vape Mods before you read the review. Find out best selling luxury box mod by leading brands.

If you are reading this is probable that you know what a Mod is and how they are used; if you don’t know, let me explain some of it really quick without any “Vaping Jargon”.

high end vape mods review

These mods are some type of eCigarrete but bigger and with a more complex system, mainly directed to a customizable experience thanks to the temperature controls and a high consumable time for its long-life battery capacity.

They are perfect for those who are already involucre in the activity and most of them look awesome. It is time for to mention the Luxury Mods that are considered the best of the best on this 2017.

Best High-End Vape Mods for Sale

Below are some top rated High End Vape Mods review that will clear your doubts and confusions.

Tuglyfe DNA 250W TC Box Mod by Flawless

the First beast in our countdown is the one and only Tuglyfe Box Mod made by the Flawless bare hands; radiant case with curved and comfortable grip, small but fresh buttons, and 900mah battery capacity. What else can you ask for?

>> CLICK HERE – Get Flawless Tuglyfe Box Mod <<

A DNA 250 represents constant upgrades and quality performance: Triple 18650 platforms for batteries and LiPo Support, 97% Output Efficiency, Atomizer – Low Resistance – Short Circuit – Overheat and Low Voltage Protection.

Don’t forget the Escribe Software upgrades on time to time for the deepest customization. Price tag: $179.99 right now!

SXmini G-Class SX550J 200W TC Mod Review

The first time I saw this baby, I thought it was some explosive type device. Wasn’t too wrong about it, the SXmini G –Class SX550J Mod is a bomb.

>> Purchase SXMini 200W TC Mod <<

Carbon fiber decals side to side, 510 centered connection for the 30mm atomizers and precise control for both temperature with its TCR and one of the most detailed and beautiful screens in the whole market. Price Tag: $219.99. [Best Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Review]

S-Body DNA250 C3D1 by Vape Droid

There is not too much to say about the Vape Droid new High-End Mod. Just one thing that got really stuck in my head: good workmanship indeed.

>> Order Your Vape-Droid Kit <<

Its most fantastic feature – for me – would be how it was perfect to be grabbed around and offering that anti-slip signature which is hard to find. Don’t be confused, I know the anti-slip feature is not new by any mean but the S-Body C3D1 achieve a natural coverage on how to do it perfectly.  Price tag: $144.50.

Triade DNA 250 by Lost Vape

Many of the mods brands on this list have searched the way to highlight their products; sometimes they redo the system’s working type and sometimes they focus on the aesthetics, as is the Lost Vape present case.

>> CLICK HERE – Find More about Triade DNA-250 <<

What Lost Vape has accomplished with this prototype is really a high-quality combination: the Zinc Allow and Stainless Steel body with the side ventilation lines play delightfully with that futuristic style.

Also, leather hand grab zone presumes very distinguished details. It sounds a little bit strange but consumed leather, with all those marks may look pretty awesome with time – like a well-aged whiskey. Price tag: $144.50; nice comparing tool against the S-Body C3D1 quality. [Don’t Buy Xmax V2 Pro Vaporizer from Amazon]

DotMod 200W TC Box Mod Review

Minimalism made Mod. Its simplicity comes from the design to the menu system – by the way, incredibly easy to use – and is the second 200w mod in the list, shouldn’t that be a problem.

>> VISIT THIS for DotMod Box Mod <<

The elegant dotBox logo in the round corners and in the responsive fire button are for me, two aspects that take my attention a lot. It’s available in four different colors: Auto Blue, Black, Gold, and Red. Price Tag: 179.99$.

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Bottom Line – Which is Best Luxury Vape Mod?

Remember that all the High-End Vape Mods mentioned on this list are the best of the best in the current market and because of that, you got to expect. Also is worth mentioning that they aren’t so different from each other. In this case, the biggest details aren’t the cons – do not present many – but their esthetic and energy features.

Hope my review of high end vape mod help you to find best product for you.

Best Small Box Mod Review 2018 – Mini Box Mod for Sale

Don’t buy small box mods before you read the 2018 review! Find out tips to order small box mod at discounted price.

your small Mini box mods have always been a familiar option for vapers who are seeking a stealthy and safe vaping mod. It is quite unfortunate that their small form factor limits what they can offer. However, the advancement of the chip and battery technology has increased the variety of small box mods accessible in the market.

best small box mod review

Nano Box mods offer exceptional experiences and will always vary in terms of their wattage. At least, that is what most consumers would always talk about. It might be challenging to conclude on the best small box mod in terms of performance because as they are manufactured in many variants. To help you choose the best, we have shortlisted some of the top models that deliver a high-grade performance.

Best small box mod Review in 2018

Here are the review of small box mod. I tried to cover as much information as possible.

Innokin CoolFire Pebble 50W

The Innokin Coolfire can fit adequately and with great ease in your palm. It has a compact and portable design with maximum output wattage of 50watts. It is highly capable of reading your coils to perfection using its powerful Aetheon Chipset while delivering the burliest draw as possible. A user manual and a micro-USB cable are included in the package and it has received a lot of attention because of its unique features. It goes for around $31.95 and includes free shipping depending on your location.

>> Get CoolFire Pepple 50W Now! <<


Some of the primary features of the Innokin coolfire include;

  • Overheat detection
  • Short Circuit and Over-discharge protection
  • Screen orientation function
  • High quality and Bright OLED display

Wismec RX Mini 80 W TC Vape MOD

Wismec is a popular enterprise that has been in existence for quite some time. Their innovative MODs have gained an immeasurable reputation as they offer an exceptional design and functionality. This 80-watt vape MOD features Wismec’s signature OLED and a stacked display. It has the ability to fire a variety of coil types and enhances coil resistances that range from 0.1 ohms to 3.5 ohms. The RX Mini 80W has an expertly calibrated temperature control suite that fires any temperature control coil to absolute perfection. It is a form-factored MOD that sells at around $42.95 and delivers impressive power for its small stature.

>> BUY NOW – Wismec RX Mini Mod <<


Some common features of the Wismec RX Mini 80 W TC Vape MOD include;

  • Stealth Capability
  • 1 to 80W Output Range
  • Vibrant OLED screen
  • Material and Mode selection
  • Atomizer resistance and recessed bottom adjustment buttons

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC MOD Kit

The Eleaf iStick Pico excels in both appeal and performance. It boasts several firing modes and features a single 18650 battery accessible through battery screw top. Its temperature control was deliberately designed for vaping perfection and vapers will certainly be impressed with its upgradable firmware. It proposes an incredible flavor and vapor production with a top fill design and a 2mL e-liquid capacity. The iStick Pico 75 W is sold at $36.95 and you always have a variety of options when making purchases.

>> Order Your Eleaf Small Mod Kit<<


Its primary features include;

  • Upgradable firmware
  • A variety of firing modes
  • 1W to 75W wattage range
  • On-Board Charging
  • Stainless steel construction

Tesla stealth 100W starter kit

The Tesla Stealth 100W has a top firing button and its ergonomic designs curves perfectly to fit in your hand. It combines its Shadow Tank with a maximum output of 100W. Tesla Stealth is a compact tank system featuring a simplistic and effective form. Its modern and sleek design is magnified by the two window panels with the capacity of housing a tank on the exterior contour. Its ultimate purpose is to keep you on stealth mode which makes its brand name a perfect fit.

>> CLICK HERE to Find About Tesla’s Stealth Kit <<


The primary features in the Tesla Stealth 100W starter kit include;

  • An oversized firing mechanism
  • LED Blue Light Warning system
  • Soft Curves Form Factor
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance
  • Internal 2200mAh internal battery

You should also check best unregulated box mod review for better idea.

Buy Unregulated Box Mods at Best Price


As per Small box mod review, It were designed to intensify the vaping experience due to their amazing customization and extended battery life. Although price is one of the essential factors to consider when determining the best box mod, it is imperative to emphasize on quality. Small box mods have evolved at an exceptional pace over the past few years and they are the most preferred vaping devices in the current market. Consider thinking twice about how you will use the mod based on its performance and customizability.

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Making wise purchasing decisions will help you get the best small box mod at a reasonable price.