Best Mod Battery for Vaping in 2018 (Read Review)

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Don’t buy mod battery before you read the 2018 review! Find the tips to get best vaping battery for mod vaporizer and eCigs.

When you are a beginner, you won’t care much about the vape mod or e-cig you are using. Over time, you learn to improve the experience gradually and then you will be looking for the best mod, the best batteries and the best of everything.

best mod battery reviews

Although there are many debates about vaping materials and vaping gears, it is very ironic that things start getting complicated when it comes to vape batteries. Any vape battery can generate so much current but it can give you a very bad time if you ask for too much from it. A good battery will always last for a very long time and you will notice the difference of adding a couple of bucks. That is the primary reason why it is important to choose the right vaping battery.

Things to consider while buying Mod battery for vaping

When making a purchasing decision about the top batteries for your vape mod, there are four qualities that need to be considered. Price may also be a factor to consider when you have been running on a fixed budget but you may end up sacrificing on quality. The essential factors include;

  • Mod Battery capacity

This determines the duration you can vape before the battery demands for a recharge. The battery capacity is usually measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). It describes a number of milliamps that can be withdrawn from the battery and how long it takes for depletion. Making a comparison on the capacity rating for two batteries gives you a general idea of one that vapes longer before another recharge.

  • Current rating

Whether you are using regulated or unregulated mods, it is important to choose a vape battery that can safely deliver the needed current without overheating. However, it is not advisable to pick a high current rated battery that has a high capacity at the same time. There is need to have a balance between the two since one that has the highest current will probably have a lower battery capacity than other batteries.

  • Battery voltage (Hard hitting) when vaping

It is one that delivers more current to the coil to create more vapor. A regulated device that has a higher battery voltage means that the amount of current drawn from it by its regulator circuit will be lower. For users who have a regulated device, it means that the battery doesn’t have to work very hard. Different vape batteries usually operate at different voltages even if the same current is drawn from each. You need to pick one that runs at the highest voltage for the longest time.

  • Cooling running temperature

Battery temperature is one of the critical factors you need to consider when choosing your vaping battery. It is the leading cause of damage and premature aging to your battery. Your battery can either vent or burst if the temperature gets too high. It is important to choose a battery that operates at lower temperatures. Although some may use higher resistance coils or operating at lower power levels, it will still affect your vaping preferences.

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Best Mod Battery Review 2018

Below are some top rated Mod battery that you can buy for vaping.

LG HG2 18650 3000 mAh 20A

It is perfect for high drain battery because of its maximum discharge current of 20 Amp. The LG HG2 has a long battery capacity of 3000mAh. It is great for any variable wattage mod or variable voltage. It is one of the best batteries you can use for sub ohm vaping.


The Efest Green comes with a powerful 4200mAh battery which gives you the possibility of vaping all day. It is probably one of the newest vaping batteries in the market. Since a higher battery capacity means lower maximum discharge current, the Efest Green operates at 20 A to provide a good vaping experience.

Samsung INR18650 20R (22 A / 2,000 mAh)

It is relatively close to the Samsung 25 R with a slight alteration of the internal battery structure to favor maximum discharge current. Due to the occurrence of a trade-off between the higher discharge and lower capacity, the Samsung 20R is only limited to 2000mAh capacity.

Sony VTC4 (20 to 30 A / 2,100 mAh)

The Sony VTC4 offers a reasonable 2100mAh battery capacity that lengthens your time for vaping. It’s hefty 30 Amp maximum continuous discharge rate makes it suitable for high-performance applications. The Sony VTC4 is highly capable of handling heavy loads consistently. If you have been looking for high-performance batteries for top performance setups, then the Sony VTC4 will be the best choice for you.

LG HD2C (25 A / 2,200 mAh)

LG is a reputable company that guarantees quality products. The HD2C is one of the best in their battery collections with a 25A continuous 2200mAh battery capacity. It performs much better than its predecessor HD2. This is because of its long running time and higher voltage during discharge. Operating at 25 A shows that it is not being stressed beyond its rating.

Final Thought: Which is Best Mod Vaping Battery?

Manufacturers have done a variety of things to fulfill the desired fantasies of vapers who want bigger clouds. Although we have highlighted some of the top mod batteries in our list, it doesn’t mean that others don’t perform very well. The best way will be to take this guide as a starting point and you can experiment with a variety of these vape batteries to determine one that suits your vaping style. Never buy rewrapped batteries or clones as they can cause harm or fade out for a short period of time.

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You can always get the best vaping battery review without sacrificing on quality. It is recommended to buy them from trusted vendors and be cautious when storing or charging your mod battery. Never allow them to charge for a long time when they are not in use. Exercising good practices for your vape battery will lengthen its lifespan and you will always enjoy your vaping experience.

It is important to have an idea of the features that designates the best mod batteries before making any purchases.

Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Kit Review – Buy at Best Price

Don’t buy Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Kit before you read the reviews! Find out the best way to get v2 Vapor2 Trinity at cheap price.

V2 have gained worldwide recognition as the largest online sellers of E cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes). They have spread their tentacles across most parts of the world and they are not stopping there.

V2 sell all varieties of electronic Cigarettes you can think of; be it Minis or Vaporizers.

The V2 Pro series is an entirely unique brand which shows more focus on high quality vaporizers. The V2 is made remarkable because of its versatility and flexibility.

The Series is christened “The 3 in 1 vape pen”. It is given this name because of its ability to inhale e-liquids, waxes/oils and also dry herbs

Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Kit Review

The V2 series have carved out an impressing niche in the world of vaping.

Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer review

The Vapor 2 trinity vaporizer kit serves as one of their latest addition to their ever increasing, ever captivating franchise.

One of the attributes that make this vaporizer so unique is the fact that it supports a variety of PG and VG liquids.

This translates to one simple fact:  You get to vape how you would like without annoying constraints or purchasing multiple mods.

The first thing that you register about it is its size.  It’s about 2 and 1/4 inches tall (without the tank), and 1 and 3/8 inches wide, making it very compact and easy to fit in your hand.

On the whole, it has a very cool sleek look, worthy of its functions and versatility.

Awesome Features of Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer

The TRINITY travel mod is unique in a couple of ways with regards to the aesthetic appeal. One of these factors is the size of the mod; this is not only small in stature, but also lightweight.

When it comes to accessing the vaporizer in terms f functionality, it is simply outstanding.

It is extremely easy to use. There are some specific functions which should be mentioned including paramount LED display which gives you details on battery life, wattage and temperature.

At the top of the screen, there are two buttons for adjustment. These are ideally placed to be used with the index finger to allow you continue drawing your vapor as you customize the temperature and the wattage.

V2 Pro vaporizers - sales & promotions

Another quality definitely worth a mention is the vapor quality. Aside from the fact that it is able to heat up within a short period of time, the mod also generates thick clouds. Don’t worry; these clouds do not compromise the quality of the flavor in anyway. Cool eh?

The tank holds about 2ml of liquid at any given time. While that volume is enough for most people to sustain them for a single session, it would have been better if the tank was slightly larger. Nevertheless, the 2ml tank is more than adequate for a travel mod, given the consideration of portability.

When it comes to vapor quality, you can always count on the Trinity vaporizer kit.

With all its attributes and its production of ‘cool’ thick clouds, the device is certainly a must have for vapers all around the world.

buy Vapor2 Trinity at best price


  • Compact mod.
  • In-built 1,200 mAh battery.
  • Supports temperature control vaping.
  • Variable wattage from 5 to 40 W.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great design.
  • Sub ohm tank included.
  • Comfortable and portable.
  • Excellent performance.


  • Maximum wattage is too low for some.
  • Small tank – just 2 ml.
  • Can’t vape while charging.
  • Limited battery life.

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Where to buy Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer?

Interested in buying the Vapor 2 Trinity? Head on and click this link ( and save 20 percent on your first order!

The vapor 2 trinity does not come off too expensive. You can get it for $75.96. Moreover they offer 30 days money back guarantee, if you found defective piece then you can ask for return or refund.

Thank you for reading my in-depth vapor 2 trinity vaporizer review! Please share your person opinion by commenting here.

XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer – Buy from Amazon Or eBay?

Don’t Buy XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer from Amazon, eBay and other third party site before you read the review! The XMax V2 Pro is the pen style vaporizer that can be used for wax and herbs.

buy xmax v2 pro vaporizer

V2 have gained worldwide recognition as the largest online sellers of E cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes). They have spread their tentacles across most parts of the world and they are not stopping there.

V2 sell all varieties of electronic Cigarettes you can think of; be it Minis or Vaporizers.

The V2 Pro series is an entirely unique brand which shows more focus on high quality vaporizers. The V2 is made remarkable because of its versatility and flexibility.

The Series is christened “The 3 in 1 vape pen”. It is given this name because of its ability to inhale e-liquids, waxes/oils and also dry herbs

The XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer Review

The XMax Pro is quite large in size. It is a two in one vaporizer engineered for dry herbs and waxes.

It is built to handle two materials. And it does produce actual vapor.

How it works?

It is pretty much a basic herbal vaporizer with generic principles of application. The mouthpiece is on the top of the unit, and you remove it to access the heating chamber. The chamber is wide and easy to fill, and it’s powered by an 18650 battery.

There is a button which has the purpose of cycling the power and adjusting the temperature to suit your desires.

Press the button thrice to turn it off, and hold down the button to adjust the Temperature

Simply let go when the light is next to the level you want.

The temperature level indicator is along the side, right next to the button.

The battery life is below average when compared to all portables, but not bad for the price point. The 18650 that is included should last you around 45 to 60 minutes on a full charge, but don’t forget that you can always get extras as well.

Features of The Xmax V2 Pro

  • Interchangeable Battery
  • 5 Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Fast Heatup
  • Isolated Air Path


  • It is very affordable
  • It is extremely easy to understand and operate
  • Device was built with utmost concern for user’s safety. The air path is completely sealed from the electronic components
  • It is adaptable
  • It has a good battery life and the battery is interchangeable
  • Xmax vaporizer has very low air resistance, so you are totally in control of the speed at which you draw.
  • Maintenance is very easy, simply brush off the herb chamber and screens after use.
  • It has a one year warranty on the vaporizer and a 3 month warranty on the battery!

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Can You Buy Xmax V2 Pro on Amazon and eBay?

You can definitely buy the product on third party sites like Amazon. However it is more advisable to buy the product on their official site.

The main reason is authenticity and assurance:

Purchasing XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer from Ebay or Amazon or other third party sites is very convenient, precise and easy, however you have to be wary of fraudsters.

You could fall victim to a lot of scammers who would collect your money and supply you sub standard products.

So it is best to actually purchase the breast actives from their official website (

Thank you for reading my in-depth XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer Review! Please feel free to share your opinion and query if any.

Best Unregulated Box Mods for Sale 2018 – Find Review!

Don’t buy Unregulated Box Mods before you read the reviews 2018! Unregulated box mod is a vape device that uses either parallel or series battery placing to supply an atomizer with raw battery power.

Buy Unregulated Box Mods at Best Price

It does not have a circuit board that controls the voltage that is delivered to an atomizer coil and, as its name suggests, is built in the form of a box – as opposed to the standardized regulated box tube form. The reason you will not see a mechanical box mod in the hands of an inexperienced vaper is that it is potentially dangerous and can even explode.

Best Unregulated Box Mods Review

Since you are aware of what can possibly happen if you spend lots of time using an mechanical box mod and are still seeking a vape device that will improve your vaping experience, you deserve only the best products:

  • Tesla THREE 150W Mod

Tesla THREE 150W Mod boasts a tremendous 5000mAh Li-Po battery in a fairly compact 52 x 25 x 81mm body. Such a huge battery allows you to charge a phone or tablet while on the go, which will certainly come in handy in those situations where just one phone call may save your day.

The body itself is not the prettiest or most durable on the market, but the design is pretty simplified and the only few things that draw your attention are a USB port (used to charge external devices), 4 LED lights that show the amount of battery power, a big fire button and, of course, a 510 spring connector.

PS: Direct Vapors have unregulated box mods for sale at affordable price.

  • Wismec Noisy Cricket II D25 Vape Mod

Wismec Noisy Cricket II is unique for quite an extraordinary feature that allows it to run both parallel and series thanks to the circuit board that can be flipped. Its body measures 48 x 25 x 87 mm and features a sleek metallic design that leaves an impression of a high-quality device.

You will quickly fall in love the Wismec Noisy Cricket II, especially if you need to find balance between high power consumption and long battery life. Just by flipping the circuit board, you can give a boost to your vaping experience or prolong the battery life.

  • USA Limitless Mechanical Mods Review

Everyone can and does get their hands on regular box mods. However, not everyone sees point in investing more money in Limitless Mods, since they can have quite hefty price tags. USA Limitless Mechanical Mods can be a great touch to your vaping setup and are available in a variety of different options: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, etc. There is also the most premium Brass Sleeve Mod with 24 karat gold plating for the most experienced and enthusiastic users who are seeking just the best of the best.

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How to Purchase Unregulated Box Mods at a Low Price?

Do not rush to buy the first unregulated box mod you come across, since you may get lucky enough to purchase it at a discounted price. There are many welcome promotions and coupon codes that can help you save some money on vaping devices.

Best Review of Unregulated Box Mods

Hope my unregulated box mods review help! Please share your own experience and opinion here.

How Much Does a Vape Cost?

How Much Does a Vape Cost? Is that better than smoking? Read this full guideline before you decide anything.

At first glance, all those fancy vaping accessories may seem frightening to you, but considering the fairly low price for such a luxury, you will quickly start working on your very first setup.

In order to be able to call yourself a real vaper, you need to purchase a vaporizer and/or an e-cigarette, along with the most basic charger and a few atomizers and e-liquids. You can get all of these things in one if you purchase a Starter Kit, so you do not have to bother with looking on several different sources online at the same time.

Getting a Starter Kit with solid specifications will set you back between $39.95 and $72.95, which is way less than what you would have to pay for just a couple of packs of cigarettes. E-liquids cost approximately $15-$20 and you will probably be replacing your old one every 15-20 days (you can do the rest of the calculation about the potential savings on your own).

Why Is Vaping Better than Regular Smoking?

How much does vaping cost

The majority of vapers used to be addicted smokers, so the story about health consequences is nothing new to them. Since smoking is quite an old unhealthy habit of ours, there have been many scientific theories about hazardous smoking effects so far. And, even though we are just on half a way to getting to know vaping in its real form, rumors about the potential health effects are slowly starting to spread. Until the day when scientists come out with some credible evidence based on extensive research, we have no other choice but to stick to vaping.

Vaping is fun! The possibilities to customize your own vaping experience are uncountable, with many carefully built vaporizers, cartridges, e-juices etc. It helps you get rid of the bad breath and instead allows you to enjoy various fruit, peppermint, chocolate and vanilla tastes.

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How Much It Costs to Vape?

V2 boasts a reputation of a brand every smoker or vaper can refer to for quality vaping products and accessories. It manages to develop entry-level products to help everyone who is only just starting to vape, as well as work on more premium products and allow experienced users to take their game to the next level. The Price of vaping varies from device to device. That being said, you should seek your first vape among some of their most renowned products:

V2 Standard Kit

Carrying a price tag of $39.95, V2 Standard Kit is one of the company’s cheapest offerings. It comes with 2 V2 Classic Batteries and 10 V2 Classic Flavor Cartridges, which is almost everything you need to write your own vaping history. If you are willing to pay $20 more, you can opt for the E-Liquid Starter Kit that also includes two 25ml e-liquids.

V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Kit

Going a bit towards the premium product range lays the V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer. It incorporates some new technologies, such as variable voltage and temperature settings, and can be used with both PG and VG e-liquids. It is priced at $99.99.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit

When it comes to the top-of-the-line vaporizers, V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer is a serious beast that can satisfy everyone’s needs. Just like the V2 Pro Series 3X, it allows you to choose your preferable voltage and temperature, but with a couple of extras: compatibility with wax, loose leaf and e-liquid cartridges, and smart technology that recognizes the cartridge type and heats to the optimal temperature. However, these features aren’t really cheap and you will have to pay $149.99 to get the best possible treatment.

If you still have any query about vaping cost or anything else, please add your comment here.