V2 Cigs vs. Green Smoke – Comparison and Review

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Are you confused between Green Smoke vs V2 Cigs? Don’t worry! Here is my in-depth review and comparison for same. Go through each and every aspect and decided which one is best for you.

V2 Cigs and Green Smoke are among the leading manufacturers of e-cigarettes in the current market. Deciding which one to buy between the two can be quite a challenge, especially given that both have very great features. Both will offer a superb vaping experience with these high quality e-cigarettes, having diverse vapor profiles and great battery life. The choice might eventually all boil down to personal preferences.

Comparison of V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke

If you want to quit smoking then you should think about electronic cigarettes. It is one of best affordable and healthier way to quit smoking easily without any side effect. A highlight of the few differences is given below.

v2 cigs vs green smoke comparison and review


The exact prices usually vary from time to time, and depend on the store from which you will purchase. However, generally speaking, the V2 Cigs will usually be cheaper than the Green Smoke and would make a better option for those on a tight budget. The cartomizers of the V2 or also cheaper compared to Green Smoke.

Compare the Levels of nicotine

For those who smoke a lot on a daily basis and have higher requirements for nicotine level, Green Smoke will provide an additional nicotine level. V2 Cigs has its strongest available option being 18mg while Green Smoke offers up to 24mg. ideally, the 18mg might be sufficient to cater for all users, only that you will need more puffs meaning that you might drain your battery a bit faster.


It is important that the appearance of the e-cigarette be more than satisfactory to the user. Both manufacturers make some very cool looking products, but Green Smoke gets the edge in terms cigarette-like appearance. For the untrained eye, differentiating it from a tobacco cigarette from a distance might be a challenge. The V2 Cigarette on the other hand have a more modern futuristic design. No need to charge v2 cig for too long. It uses advance technology, so that you can puffs for long time without worrying about battery issue.

In terms of packaging, V2 Cigs are much better because they offer more options for customization. You can choose the prints and color of your battery as well as the color of your carrying case and charger.

Vapor production

The amount of vapor an e-cigarette produces is a very important aspect. It determines a lot in the vaping experience thus the more vapor the better. Both brands are quite good when it comes to vapor production but V2 cigs have a very marginal edge over the Green Smoke.

Battery of Green Smoke and V2 eCigs

V2 Cigs use manual batteries, which mean that you can easily control the vapor level that you get, more closely. You have to press a button to activate the battery as opposed to it being automatically activated when you inhale. It might seem like more work but it comes with the advantage of being able to control precisely the amount of vapor that you take. You do not have to prime it with a couple of short puffs as required for the automatic.


Both brands offer a wide variety of flavors, ranging from Menthol and peppermint all the way to chocolate. All the flavors are so yummy and you cannot go wrong either way. Your personal preferences and taste buds are the only factors that can decide which is better. You can easily refill cartridge of v2 cigs. No need to spend tens of dollars in refilling your ecigarette now.

Why should you buy V2 Cigs over Green Smoke?

Both Green Smoke and V2 Cigs are great brands, but V2 Cigs have proven to be the better one in overall. It beats Green Smoke in terms of the features that it has as well as the cost factor. Its packaging also offers a lot more, coming with a lifetime warranty. To make matters better, you can even customize it. You should also check my review of v2 ex blanks.

V2 Cigs E-Liquid Review 2016 and Coupons

Want to buy eLiquids? Read my full review of V2 Cigs Platinum e-liquids available in various flavors. You can use coupon code to get it at up to 30% off the retail price.

V2 is an Electronic cigarettes (which is often known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs) is the reigning item in the market now. They are specially designed to look and feel just exactly like real cigarettes, even to the point of exhaling artificial smoke but they contain no ounce of tobacco.

What are v2 cigs e-liquids and its ingredients?

Alternatively called e-Liquid, e-Juice, E-Juice, Nicotine e-Fluid, smoke e-juice, etc. V2 cigarette e-liquids are nicotine or non-nicotine solution that are to be used for your e-cigarette, it is a proper fusion of propylene-glycol and also vegetable-glycerin, which give users a soothing throat hit as well as a satisfying vapor.

v2 cigs eliquid review and coupons

You can also open the lid of a depleted cartridge and replenish it with more e-liquid or you can simply purchase V2 blank cartridges and fill them yourself. [Cleaning V2 Cig cartridge]

Types of v2 cigs e-liquids?

v2 cigs comes in 12 separate varieties of flavors in 5 different nicotine levels which are (0, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4). The flavors consists of cherry, cola, grape, mint tea, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, red tobacco, menthol tobacco, Congress tobacco, Sahara tobacco, and lastly peppermint.

Reviews on V2 cigs ELiquids

The quality of the v2 cigs e-liquids and the unsullied transparency in all of their quality control and also most of their composite ingredients was something I thought was quite impressive. As a staunch vaper you most definitely would want to know that which your e-liquid is made of. Kudos to V2 for being very transparent with their e-juice/liquids and quality.

Check: Refilling V2 Cartridge

V2 Pro vaporizers - sales & promotions

The main flavors in which I tried tasted quite pretty fair. Although, these weren’t my best tasting e-juice ever, but hey!!! They were not so bad or discouraging. I so much like the fact that they even have 3 special tobacco flavors so as to suit the demanding taste of all kinds of vapers and smokers. In fact I would love to see more fruity and sweet flavors or shakes of variety of flavors, as their range is a little bit limited as compared to other major e-cigarette company.

Features of v2 cigarette e-liquids

  • Immaculate and Elegant packaging – Their e-juice pose in standard superior container bottles which are nothing compared to other substandard cheap-looking plastic container bottles from other major e-cigs brands. Theirs resembles some kind of semi-transparent bottles with a sort of childproof silver fitted caps that simultaneously serve as droppers.
  • Unambiguous information on bottles – Clearly all the e-liquid bottles generally comes with a clear labeled batch number and of course an expiry date, unlike a whole lots of other e-liquid manufacturers/makers, V2 cigs always states exactly what their e-liquids are comprised of, also not excluding the flavors and sweeteners they use.

Make sure to use V2 Cigs Coupons to buy your favorite eLiquid at super cheap! You will get it at Free Shipping. So make sure to stack your promo code with ongoing sale for maximum benefit.

Tips on v2 cigs e-liquid leakages?

Don’t ever over-fill the cartridge. Often this is one of the prevalent causes of e-liquid leakage, and it can be easily avoided. Most cartomizer

Review of V2 Ex Blanks

(a joint cartridge with atomizer) styled cartridges just needs like five to at most seven drops of e-cigs liquid. The Cartridges which are sometimes of differing sizes, shapes and from different makers can vary, but still this is a very good general tip in order to avoid spillage and leakage. Wipe any excess e-liquid with a cloth, damp wool or cotton swab before vaping.

Know more: Charging V2 Cig battery

Detach the failing cartridge and blow it from the sides which connect to the battery attachment. Spilling cartridge issues majorly arises as a result of e-liquid that wasn’t properly vaporized which was left hanging around near the atomizer. Blowing from the opposite sides of the cartridge forces the spill to be flushed out of the mouthpiece, where it can be easily wiped away.

In case of any queries, Please post your comment here! I will come up with more and more such working V2 Cigs eLiquid coupon code and deal for you.

V2 Cigs Charger and Battery Problems and How to Fix it

V2 E-cigarette prevalent battery problems are like a regular reminder that even though the electronic vapor and cigarette is an awesome device, it isn’t just perfect. Be it progressively or suddenly, majority of all e-cigarette batteries will eventually die, which is the main reasons why I usually fight against purchasing a starter kit with just a single battery.

Perhaps your V2 eCcigarettes battery isn’t functioning smoothly or properly, the only recourse is most times to simply get rid or dispose of it. However, when some e-cigarette battery problems occur you may still be lucky enough to redeem/revive the battery or you may not even have had a battery problem after all. If either of these be the case, there might be some brink of hope.

Frequently asked questions on V2 Cigs charger and battery problem

Below are some most common problems that you may face with V2 cigs. I tried to answer all of them, so that you get everything within one page.

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Why is my battery flashing continuously?

If your battery is flashing continuously, it just might deduce that it is faulty. Generally it might mean that you may need to put it on charge. If the said battery is particularly flashing only when you are trying to puff away on it, the latter will most likely be the case.

My battery doesn’t last very long, why is this so?

A whole lot of circumstances will most likely affect how long your battery will hold a charge for. If you use extensively, as in you are almost always smoking on it, you might just be killing the battery. It is just like any other electronic gadget or item – the more you use to charge it, the lesser power it will hold. Even it is advisable that rechargeable batteries need replacing every once in a while.

If peradventure you failed to let the battery completely drain before you started charging it, the battery might have even “forgotten” exactly how much of “e-juice” it can withhold. This apparently means that you would need to start letting the battery totally drain out before you put a charge on it again. Also, if you mistakenly leave your battery on charge for way too long, you could as well be dilapidating it so always make sure, as soon as the tiny light turns green to show that charging has been completed, you should remove or disconnect the battery from the charger. You should know charging time of v2 cigs battery, to improve it’s lifespan.

I am having intermittent connection issues, what can I do?

The issue often could be the connection between your battery and that of your clearomiser. Always see to it that the battery terminal and end-base of your clearomiser are perfectly clean. Using a mild cotton bud is sufficient enough at least.

If the stated above still doesn’t help then do try the other battery and notice how it behaves so you can then determine or deduce if it’s the charger or perhaps the battery that’s bad.

Battery light does not come on/Charger light is green but battery is not charged?

Detach the battery from the atomizer and firmly tap the battery with your palm or index on a counter top 5 times (just as if you were packing cigarettes). The threaded side (the revealing part that screws right in to the atomizer) should be pointing directly downward and is the part that should makes contact with the counter top. Furthermore, screw the battery back onto the atomizer first (P.S not the charger!!!) and draw or puff on the e-cig a couple of few times. This somewhat resets the protection switch inside the battery and allows room for it to take a full effective charge again and make sure you exhaust fully before shutting it off.

Some benevolence of maintaining your V2 Cigs and how to do so

Try to unscrew the Cartomizer: A few e-cigarette users realize that even when you’re really not actively vaping, if the cartomizer is perhaps connected to the battery, its slowly depleting it of e-juice. Disconnecting or detaching the cartomizer when you’re not engaging your device for a relatively long period of time aids in expanding or extending the rational intervals between recharges, ultimately and most importantly increasing battery life. Make sure that at certain time, you clean your v2 cigs cartridge.

Do not Store Batteries Empty: You’ve probably noticed that most of electronic cigarette companies/makers ship their batteries if not fully charged then partially charged, but not ever empty in whatever worse scenario. That’s a very commendable habit you might want to imitate yourself when storing batteries for extensive long periods of time.

Just as the times when you vape batteries dry, they really have to work a whole lot harder to replenish their power cells, and keeping them 50% full or less will most likely cause them to drain/deplete a lot faster. As I have mentioned earlier on, repeatedly depleting batteries dry significantly weakens their overall lifespan. So always make sure that you charge the batteries to at least 67 – 70% before you eventually store them for reuse.

How to Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges?

Instead spending tons of money on buying new v2 cigs, you should learn refilling it’s cartridges.

Commitment and quality value and an excellent smokeless cigarette experience. This engagement is noticeable in V2 electronics cigarette cartridge packages. This collection will be the greatest quality e-cigarette cartridges, refills, and E-cig e-Cigarette finds liquid.

V2 Cigs fillings have a rich and flavorful taste that will encourage you to come back. Each bundle contains advanced electronic cigarette cartridges with incredible discounts with all the true tobacco you expect from us but at a cost that is a part of other electronic cigarette nicotine cartridges. We have completed a wide variety of flavors E-cig with everything from bananas to dark rum. Experience the ease, convenience and cost savings of a smoke-free lifestyle.

If you make a shift to electronic cigarettes, you can purchase pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges or refill your cartridges with e-liquid. By making the choice to choose your own electronic cigarette cartridges instead of losing them, you can save a fair bit of money. If you fill in your V2 e-cigarette cartridges, you should buy E-Liquid or make your own using e-liquid materials to refill the cartridges. All electronic cigarette products can be refilled with e-liquid actually.

Things need to Refill V2 eCigs Cartridge

Filling e-liquid in the cartridge can be tricky if you are doing this for the first time because most are not meant to be reused. This does not mean that it is impossible, though, if done well then you will be able to find your favorite liquid nicotine smoke flavor to your heart’s content.

How to Charge V2 Cigs Battery

The best tool to use to refill V2 Cigs cartridges and to ensure that e-liquid all over the place is a syringe. With the aid of a syringe with a need, you can distribute the e-liquid evenly along the cartridge filler. A syringe makes it easier for you to pick out a bottle of e-liquid. We have a comprehensive series of syringes for all your e-liquid refilling needs with the best prices. We use these syringes for our industry in the print cartridges and e-liquid flavors.

How to Refill Cartridges of V2 Cigs?

Step 1: Take the White rubber cap on the end of the tape with tweezers or a small screwdriver.

Step 2: each cartridge comes with a built-in atomizer, which each cartridge as smoothly as the first and eliminates the need to spend hundreds of dollars to replace injectors!

Step 3: Replace the electronic cigarette cartridge flexible plug.

Step 4: Once the cartridge is filled, close it for later use or place on your electronic cigarette.

Step 5: Put any leftover e-liquid back into your e-liquid bottle. You can also cap the syringe and leave it in the syringe upwards stay out extra cartridges.

Step 6: Wash your syringe by filling it with fresh water and the flushing of the syringe more than once

Especially for the EGO-W model does not inject the e-liquid into the hole in the middle. Your e-liquid into the special hole must inject them on the side.


When you breathe in and have some burning smell or smokeless, is to fill the time or replace your cartridge or cartomizer. It is better to approximately 5-6 times filling the entire cartridge or cartomizer. After that point, the polyester can begin to be damaged and may be some damage to the atomizer reason to good. In order to keep your eCigs safe, you should regularly clean v2 cigs cartridge.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our e-Cigarette liquid and Cartomizers that we hold up each and every one of these products. If you have questions or comments about our e-Cigarette liquids or e-cigarette cartridges, we prompt you to contact us. We are very enthusiastic about our e-Cigarette liquid and all of our goods.

V2 EX Blanks Reviews and Cleaning Tips

V2 Ex Blanks has a lot to live on. Their reputation is actually faultless, with throngs and throngs achieve reviewers for the hyperbole and issuing full star – ratings in every conceivable occasion. It is widely regarded as the best e-cigarettes you find on the market. But, You should not only be sold on the hype. With so many options for e – cigarettes, V2 Ex Blanks have something really spectacular to produce above the rest head and shoulders.

In-depth Review of V2 Cig Ex Blanks

They advertise themselves as the number one e-cigarette brand online, and the truth web is really full of V2 Cigs advertising banners and tells reviews, so I’m inclined to believe. But of course, popularity is not always the same quality. That’s why I decided to invest in one of their starter kits.

As soon as I opened the mailbox and saw the V2 Ex Blanks kit inside, I was impressed. I ordered their Standard Starter Kit, so I certainly was not expecting a very large package. It was the largest e-cigarette kit that I had ever seen. Had reviewed the flip-top box with the logo V2 Cigs on a beautiful white and blue background was pretty solid as well, compared to other, more thin packages me in the past. I wondered what else was there in the box. It showed more than half of the space occupied by those plastic containers, so no surprise goodies for me. I cannot say I was disappointed, as V2’s packaging really won me. I could tell they really stabbing a lot of energy put into the design and presentation. That really says a lot about them as a company.

Why should you buy V2 Ex Blanks?

For the actual content of the V2 Ex Blanks, they sell the best KR808D batteries, in short, standard and long sizes, in both automatic and manual versions. I chose a short manual battery capacity of 150mAh and a long automatic capacity of 380mAh. I had a few standard format KR808s and I was a little curious to V2’s extra-long batteries. They seemed to be both good qualities. The plastic knob on the manual seemed a little loose and made a rattling sound when I shook him. The USB charger is equipped with the V2 Cigs logo that lights up during use, unlike other companies.

All things considered, I found the V2 Cigs Standard Kit to be pretty good for someone who wants to start their vaping experience without the bank.

How to Clean V2 Ex Blanks?

Earlier, we talked about cleaning v2 cigs battery and cartridge. Here are some simple steps you can follow to get the best results when cleaning your EX Blanks. I only use vodka as I am trying to use an empty Sahara for Cherry, or when I want a different taste than I started with. If you do not want to use vodka to clean your EX Blanks, that’s fine.

You can follow these steps to ensure that your blanks to follow fresh and clean:

  • Unscrew the top of the empty and fill 3/4 of the way with the hottest water you can stand hands. Place one finger over the open end and shake vigorously. Tip: Make sure that the small O-ring that is not going to lose around the center pole. There is potential to lose in this step, so keep a finger over the hole and let the water drain out of the empty slowly.
  • Repeat steps 1 3-5 times until the water from the blank is clear.
  • I use a small Tupperware container for weeks. Just fill it enough to cover the empty spaces as they are on their side, make sure you use warm water or vodka and then soak for a day.
  • Overnight on that day (or 24-36 hours later), take the spaces and caps from water and rinse as you did in step one. This ensures that trapped water or vodka which has taken on the flavor you are trying to remove.
  • Place a towel or washcloth in a small box and place the blanks and caps on their side with all of the open ends on the same side.
  • If possible, place small fan blows in the direction of the open ends of the blanks and caps. This accelerates the drying process. If you do not have a fan, let them dry on the towel for at least 36 hours, but 48hours will be preferable.
  • Take a Q-tip and wipe out the battery end of the blank and the inside of the cap.

You’re ready to use your empty!


I would say V2 Cigs e – cigarettes are on a par with the best I’ve ever tried. The batteries look and work fine. The vapor production is way above average, and the standard kit as a whole is a complete package for a beginner vaper. The price is also in an acceptable range. You should have no trouble replacements or your money back, if something goes wrong with your order. They offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.